Roxanne Foster

Roxanne has been married to her ever-so-handsome husband, Caleb for 6 years. They welcomed their first child, Scarlette Grace into the world 2 years ago and a son, Carsten James, just a few months ago. Learning more about marriage, God, each other and who she is as a mother has been the most exciting journey of her life. Roxanne works part time at Frontline church downtown alongside her husband who is the Children’s Director. She loves to read, document their life like crazy through pictures and journaling and traveling all around the world as often as possible.

When Being a Mom is Hard

We all have them. Do me a favor.  Stop.  Re-read that sentence.  Ok, now read it again.  One more time, and emphasize the ALL. We ALL have them.  The days of motherhood that make you question...

To My Future Daughter-In-Love

Daughter-In-Love, I think about you often.  Ever since my sweet little man came into my life, I can't take my mind off of you. What are you going to be like?  Are you going to...

My Toddler’s New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, Parenthood.  It's the most wonderful phase of life, right?  Parenting a toddler has been nothing short of exciting.  As we reflected on our last year, and dreamt about hopes of 2015 for our...

My Adventures in Extended Breastfeeding

**Each Friday, starting Nov 7 and for the next 7 weeks, we will be posting a new blog post about breastfeeding and several different journeys our team has experienced.** Breastfeeding is the strangest, most wonderful thing...

Top 5 Fancy Date Night Restaurants

A night out on the town with our main man.  Without our precious kiddos that we all love so very much.  BOTH hands to eat your fancy dinner with...we ALL NEED this to be...

The Great Pumpkin Patch Round Up

Who doesn't love a perfectly crisp fall day as the leaves are changing?  Oklahoma City has more and more fun fall festivities to offer, and researching all the different pumpkin patches can be a...

I Am NOT Sanctimommying You

Becoming a mother changes you.  Right?  We all know that.  You learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.  You do and say things you never DREAMED you would ("Do NOT eat those...