Rebecca is a work-at-home mom with an entrepreneurial heart. She met her husband in the restaurant biz and they have two awesome boys (Dregon and Desmond) and a sweet baby girl (Della). Rebecca enjoys trying new restaurants, taking her kids on adventures, and is a regular at local coffee shops and the library. Hospitality is her love language and you can ask her anything about food because she LOVES to cook! She's also self-proclaimed as #kindacrunchy. She documents life, parenting, and the occasional recipe on her blog: The Little Roses and can also be found on her Instagram and @okcmomsblog as the Social Media Girl!

Our Most Important Christmas Rule: No Extended Family

Christmas. We love this season at our house, and growing up, it was a magical time for us with our families. After you have kids, as you know, everything changes. Suddenly you're trying to...

Let’s Admit it: Pumping Sucks

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5 Things I Learned from Raising a Family Away from Family

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The Best Way to Pack a Super Special School Lunch (Free Printable!)

We've all been there. It's 8 o'clock on a school day and you need to get the kids out the door, but you've just realized that you forgot to pack lunches. You scramble, you...

The Ultimate OKC Date Night Guide

In this busy season of motherhood, scheduling date night can kind of feel like finding a unicorn. After years of not making date night a priority, I have learned that making 1 on 1...