Patty is a Texas gal who relocated to Oklahoma in 2005 with her now ex-husband and two kids. She became an instant mom when she met her ex-husband in Austin, TX. Her kids were 4 and 6 at the time, they are now 21 and 23! She loves her blended & diverse family dynamic and her sweet French Brittany bird dog named Harper. After being happily married for 12 years, and now venturing through being happily divorced, you can bet her life is quite the adventure. She Style Coaches professionally, enjoys coaching women in refining and defining their style, drinking a well made latte, living by the golden rule of “no talking before 10am”, craft beer, charcuterie trays, true breakfast tacos, bread, the fall season, tattoos, and saying “YES” to any adventures. Get tips and inspiration by following her style coaching on Instagram & Twitter @pattystylecoach, and Facebook – Patty Rankin Style Coach. Check out her business at www.pattystylecoach.com

Stylish Mom – Spring Edition

Let's face it, dressing as a mom requires clothing that is kid-friendly, but sometimes that means falling back onto old faithful of black yoga pants, a stained t-shirt, and workout tennis shoes or flats...

The Empty Nester’s Club: Don’t You Forget About Me

Simple Minds hit song from the 80's "Don't You" (Forget About Me) is a personal favorite, as is the movie it's best known from "The Breakfast Club". I am a huge 80's fan and...

3 Things I Know For Sure: Divorce and The Holidays

I have a love/hate relationship with the "On This Day" memories on Facebook now that I am newly divorced. This time last year were pictures of family time, marriage dates, stories from what we...

3 Mom Friendly Fall Fashion Items To Buy This Season

If you're like me, you're giddy beyond words when you feel and smell that first sign of Fall with a crisp breeze, pumpkin everything, leaves turning their colors, football starts up, and a hot...

4 Things I’ve Learned Being Newly Divorced

Navigating the waters of divorce is quite the adventure to say the least. Dealing with the ups and downs, healing a broken heart, and all at the same time creating a new life. I...

Dear Moms, You STILL Are NOT Boring

  It's that time again for a gentle reminder that you are not boring! I gave you some tips in July of 2015 and encouraged you to have your "fabulous me" arsenal of "I am...

5 Tips for Creating a Mom Friendly Mini Capsule Wardrobe

A Capsule Wardrobe is all the buzz in the style world, everyone is either capsuling their clothing items, taking the konmari approach with their clothing, or just throwing their hands up in the air...

6 Signs You Grew Up Mexican

The older I get the more I realize how "unconventional" my upbringing was compared to a lot of my friends, and my husband who are not Mexican. Things that I see as completely normal are...

3 Easy Tips on how to Refine and Define Your Style

Whether you are a SAHM or a Momma who works out of the house, we are women! Women who ultimately would like to portray "style" in how we dress. Style isn't the end all...

5 Drugstore Beauty Products Every Mom Needs

I catch myself standing in the local Walgreens or CVS looking at every product available and still don't know which product I should try, take home, and then let live in the cave of...

Why I Say “NO!” To New Year’s Resolutions

Does your New Year's resolution list read sort of like a global to-do list? You've resolved to change your diet, exercise more, travel to new places, finish a big creative project, make creative lunches...

Feel Fa-la-la-la-LOVELY with these 3 Holiday Looks

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time for decking the halls and decking yourself out too. We get into frenzy mode making sure everything is in order for the holiday season, but...