Natalie Commander

Natalie is a native Oklahoman, born and raised! She married her husband, Cody, in 2012, and they have two human daughters and two dog sons. She is a former teacher, and now helps her husband around his counseling practice, and does part-time photography. She has a B.A.Ed. in English Ed, and a M.A. in Literature, both from UCO. When she isn't running around her two daughters to their MANY activities, she enjoys reading, writing, upcycling old furniture, vacationing, being the most obnoxious cheer mom she can be, snacking, and trying to control her sarcasm and RBF. She also recently discovered making Tik Tok videos, and is now living out all of her middle school lip syncing dreams!

College Isn’t For Everyone

This is going to ruffle some feathers, especially for those of us raised to believe that a traditional 4-year (maybe more) college degree is the only way to grow up and be successful. BUT-College isn't...

I Pee When I Sneeze!

  It sounded like such a great idea. An activity I once enjoyed as a child. I ordered what I needed from Amazon, and was excited when the package arrived at my doorstep. I took...