Molly is an Oklahoma native who works as an early intervention speech pathologist with two dogs, two beautiful kiddos (Henry and Mazie) and a wonderful husband (Michael). When she’s not hopping all over the county for home visits, she enjoys political advocacy, shopping at Target, running, audio books, Thunder basketball, and all things Enneagram. She can still burp the ABCs and is always down for a good cold brew from Starbucks, or a margarita from...anywhere.

It’s NOT Okay to Not Like Children

I start my day with approximately 34 questions from my 5-year-old before I’ve even had the chance to put my K-cup in the coffee maker. My 20-month-old is now doing this really cute thing...

Peter Piper Picked a Picky Eater

“I just don’t think he’s ever going to eat.” We’ve all experienced the frustration of our children refusing food at one time or another—and if you haven’t, then definitely don’t tell the rest of us...

I Have Sensory Issues and So Do You

If you ask my mother what I was like as a child, she might first come up with adjectives like determined, competitive, smart, or sassy. But I guarantee if you get her talking about...

Simple Language Activities for Your Baby at Every Stage

"So what do you DO with them?" -everyone ever, when they find out I work with toddlers on speech and language. As a practicing early intervention speech pathologist, I get a lot of questions about...

Just Take the Picture – You Don’t Need to Look Thinner

The other day, I saw a blog post on Pinterest that was a how-to guide for posing yourself to look thinner in pictures. I clicked on it eagerly. With an extra 20 pounds of...