Meredith Redmon

I am an East Coast born, Midwestern raised mama of one little man. I am so lucky to be married to a sweet southern doctor that is truly my rock. After seven years as a pediatric nurse, I am fortunate enough to hang up my stethoscope for the time being to be a stay at home mom. I love my little boy fiercely, as well as red wine, salt and vinegar chips and wandering the aisles at Target. I can't wait for our little family to grow with the addition of a baby girl in December. Find me over at motherhoodbymeredith.com as well as on Oklahoma City Moms Blog!

Meal Train Etiquette for the Modern Mama

A friend has a baby or surgery - what do we do? We sign up and we bring food. That's what mamas do. We rally together as a community and shower that friend with...

When Your Loved One Works on a Holiday

We’re coming into the most exciting time of the year for most families. A time of togetherness. Gift giving. Seeing the joy of the holidays reflected in the eyes of grandparents and grandchildren alike....

What I Love Best About Oklahoma Seasons

  Infamous tornadoes, blistering summers and ice storms that rival Elsa’s. What good things could anyone say about Oklahoma weather? Well, as an Okie transplant that’s lived in many states and traveled to many more,...

3 Ways to Curb Mindless Social Media-ing

I will be the first to admit that I have a phone addiction. I spend so much time scrolling endlessly through social media, half the time not even realizing what I am seeing. I...

4 Reasons We Are a Sleep Training Household

Cry it Out. Shush/Pat. Sleep Lady Shuffle. Timers. Oh My!  I won’t lie and pretend that I enjoyed sleep training my kiddos, or that it was an easy process. Before I found sleep training, I...

A Love Letter to Bedtime

Dear Bedtime, You are the best time. I know not every mom loves you, as I do. But, right now, you are so good to me. Oh bedtime, how I love thee. Let me count...

No Thanks to Bed Sharing: A Second Time Mom’s Perspective

Am I a parenting expert? No. I’m sure I make 800 mistakes before lunch time. As a recent second time mom, I now know that I will always be offending someone else’s standard of...

My Kid Has to Share and So Should Yours

Recently, I attended a play date with my toddler. I was chatting with another mom when I noticed my son go for a toy that was not being played with. Suddenly, I heard another...

Keeping the Spark Alive: Three At Home Date Ideas

All the marriage books say it—date your spouse. It’s a great idea if you have unlimited access to funds and babysitters, which most of us do not. Soccer games, nighttime breastfeeding sessions, and pure...

So Are You Guys Gonna Have Kids?

“Are you guys going to have kids? "You won’t be young forever.” “Little James is so cute! Time for a sibling!” “Are you guys trying?" Dear Women of Child Bearing Age, I (and the rest of society) owe you a...

4 Types of Negative Nancies and How to Avoid Them

    There’s something spreading rapidly through the local playground, school pick up line, even Starbucks isn’t immune. And no it’s not hand/foot/mouth. Negativity. This contagious condition is carried by most of us moms. We’re infecting ourselves...

The 5 Ps of Picking a Pediatrician

Are you new to the metro or pregnant with baby number one? Choosing the right pediatrician for your family can be an overwhelming process. Where do you begin? This person will be helping you...