Melissa Brown

I have been a proud Okie for over 35 years and love being the wife of my hunky husband, David, and a mom to our three daughters, two in their 20’s and one in elementary school! I spend my weekdays in the Greater Oklahoma community as a non-profit executive and my evenings as a soccer mom, grocery shopper, overall family supporter/organizer, adventurer, book enthusiast, friend, and occasional Netflix binger. My first two loves are Jesus and family, with coffee and caramel also making the list, right after friends and travel, and being a part of OKCMB.

It’s Complicated: Confessions of a StepMom

Stepmom. That role definitely gets a bad rap! Think Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and the von Trapp family, for instance. The cruelty that is portrayed in these fictional roles definitely leaves a bad taste...

Perseverance Pays Off: A Metro Mom’s Journey to the Boston Marathon

As long as she can remember, Katie Clark has been dreaming about qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  Katie's dad was a marathon runner, but had never run the Boston Marathon. As a young girl, Katie...

5 Things for Parents to Learn from “Abducted in Plain Sight”

Please note: The following post contains details from the documentary, "Abducted in Plain Sight", which includes tough issues such as child abduction and abuse. Additionally, it contains some specific parts of the story that...

Your Next Get-Away: Rustic Luxury Cabins in Broken Bow

It had been way too long since our family had gotten out of town together. So when I came across pictures of Rustic Luxury Cabins, it felt like fate. Looking at pictures of these...

7 Ways to Serve OKC With Your Family

Looking for ways for your family to give back this holiday season? Whether it's donating needed items to a local non-profit or volunteering as a family at one of the city's agencies, we've compiled...

Make Your Own Blessing Bags

You've probably been there: driving around town, kids in the back of the car, coming up to a street corner where an individual or a family stands holding a sign. The sign says something...

A Mom’s Guide to Clever Non-Candy Trick or Treat Items

It seems like every time I turn around, someone is giving my child candy. For example, there was a day when she received candy as a reward in dance class, for being an exceptional...

6 Significant Life Skills to Teach Your Teen Now

If you are the mama of a teenager, first of all, I applaud you. You are raising an almost-adult who is likely full of independence, opinions and an emerging sense of self. Hats off...

What I Learned from a Six Dollar Anthropologie Mug

I was at Anthropologie with three of my close friends. We were headed to a girls-only weekend at the lake for the first time in years, but we obviously needed to stop and check...

Majestic Murals of OKC

Oklahoma City...the county seat of Oklahoma City; known for Great Plains, a large livestock market, oil and gas industries, the OKC Thunder...and some pretty incredible public art. Am I right? While we couldn't capture every...

The Four Stages of Parenthood

Ah, parenthood. As soon as we seem to figure out what's working, something changes. So we observe, try a few things differently, and adjust. We hit a sweet spot...and something changes. Again. After a father/daughter...

The Self-Care No One Talks About

Self-care has become a buzzword for women. Women spend so much time taking care of others, that we tend to get run-down a bit and not take the time to care for ourselves. As...