Maria Clark

Maria is a Kansas native who fell in love with an Oklahoma boy and is here to stay – but she is okay with that! She calls Stillwater home and has three spunky but totally sweet girls who keep her unbelievably busy. Maria has a background in event planning and gets fulfillment out of hosting friends in their home. She also loves all things organization.

The Balance Between Mom & Friend

I'm a mom of three girls and I love it. I'm also terrified. A lot. They are young and mostly carefree, so we have lots of dance parties, play tag in the backyard, color...

As a Dad of Daughters {Father’s Day Series}

In celebration of Father's Day this year we thought we'd bring you some very special guest contributors - our husbands!  We hope you enjoy this unique view into #dadlife from the men in our...

2016 Guide: Pick Your Own Farms & Orchards Around OKC

There are only a few more weeks of school for my little ones and then we are on summer break! We are already counting down the days until we get to sleep in (yea right), lounge...

The Motherhood Workout Plan

With old man winter behind us, visions of days in shorts and tank tops are on the horizon. Frankly, I'm not quite ready for that, but it's inevitable so I decided that it was...

A Mom’s Guilty Pleasures

Most moms that I know are self-sacrificing, hard working, and don't get enough credit for being tough as nails. I'm far from the perfect mom. In fact, my kids tend to bathe more than me, I...

The Importance of Our Family Garden (And How to Start Your Own!)

I've pulled out our t-shirts, put away my winter decor, and am starting to paint my toenails again (so that I can wear sandals, of course). Spring is in the air and that means, it's time...

Konmari With Kids: Is It Even Worth It?

If you know me at all, you might pick up on the fact that I love order and organization. But, if you take a peek in my office or any number of closets, you...

Pickiest. Toddler. Ever

My 20-month-old acts like she's (not quite) 2 going on 12. Don't get me wrong, she is a super sweet cuddler (when she wants to be) and can melt your heart with her great...

6 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

When I think of road trips, I picture sunshine, music, and blissful conversation. Truth be told, road trips are actually full of whining, crying, and incessant nagging.....usually from the kids AND me! With Spring Break right...

What About Moms & Daughters?

When my oldest daughter was big enough to attend her first Daddy/Daughter event at church, I was beyond thrilled. She was about to get a special evening with the guy she loved the most. And I...

Peeing Alone…and Other Things I Did Before I Had Kids

Parenthood means that we teach our kids between right and wrong. We teach them about the world around us. We teach them to sleep through the night (hopefully) and to tie their shoes. Being...

Everybody Poops…Except For When You Can’t

First of all, as an almost 30 year old and mother of 3, I'm completely grossed out and totally embarrassed by this topic. A few years back, I thought that I was going to lose my mind....