Lyndsay Zadnik

Lyndsay is a homeschooling mom to 4 young children and a frequent recipient of the quip: “Wow, you’ve sure got your hands full!" She moved from California to Oklahoma in late 2021 and spends most of her free time exploring every nook and cranny of her new state with her husband and kids. You can often find her curled up under a heated blanket with a book, or being active outside with her family. Her main focus in life is spending quality time with her family, raising good humans, and creating meaningful relationships and connections with other women and mothers.

The Gift of a Curious Child

Most people spend their time in the car enjoying podcasts, shuffling their favorite Amazon Music playlist, or simply savoring the sweet, sweet silence. Some drivers roll their windows down and belt out their favorite...

I’m the Uncool Sports Mom, and I Love It

12 x 4 inch, extra large, deep fried, custom designed donuts. No, I'm not drafting an incredibly hip wedding dessert spread, or describing the precise thing your cardiologist tells you not to eat once...