Loralei Gann

Loralei is a busy boy mom to Everett and Roman, and fabulous wife to Justin. Raised in Edmond, she became a Norman transplant after marriage and hasn't found many differences...other than the craziness that is an OU game day. A high school English teacher by day, she enjoys spending time with both sides of her hilarious (and extremely loud) family, reading, writing, cooking and shopping for down time. She thinks that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel SOMEDAY with diapers and bottles, but until then, she tries to soak up every sweet, snuggly, fit throwing, negotiating-with-a-toddler moment...and thoroughly enjoys every second of it.

Passionate, Powerful and…Petty

I think most of us can agree that marriage brings out qualities that we truly never realized were buried so deeply. Personally, marriage has caused some of my best characteristics to surface: empathy, compassion,...

Get Outta Here, Mama {4 Mini Getaway Spots Close to Home}

I'm not generally the "romantic" type, but as our anniversary approached this year I knew we needed HAD to get the heck out of town for a night. Somehow, I managed to rally the...

{9:02 a.m.} We Will Never Forget

I was only 9 years old when the bombing of the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building occurred. I don't pretend and say that I felt the "rumble" in my 3rd grade classroom,...

Letting Go {life after a hysterectomy}

But you always said you wanted three kids... What if he has to remove everything... Is there going to be a big void in me, knowing my "mommy" parts are not just broken, but gone... How are...

The Night My Blessings Slapped Me in the Face

One night I was driving to a good friend's house for an evening of "mom de-stressing", an evening I really wanted needed, y'all. The 45 minute drive there was some of the only time...

Yep, My Toddler Still Has a Pacifier

I've heard all of the tips: "Cut the end off, then he won't want it anymore." "Let him throw it away himself. He will be fine!" "Just tell him it got lost. He will forget about it." I've...

My Mom Had Breast Cancer: A Daughter’s Story

This past summer, my mom was asked to throw out the first pitch of the Team USA vs. Puerto Rico World Cup of Softball XII game. When she first told me, I giggled despite...

Grandparents: A Mom’s BFF!

When I found out I was expecting my first son, I could not WAIT to find the cutest, most Pinterest-y way to tell our parents. We told them all on the same day and...

9 Books You Will Actually WANT To Read This Summer

One of my favorite past times (yes, because having a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old qualifies anything done at a leisurely, quiet, enjoyable pace as a thing of the past) is reading. Those that know me probably...

Beat the Heat {3 Easy Warm Weather Recipes in 3 Steps or Less}

I love warm weather. I also love cooking. But those two don't go hand in hand. Whether it's been a long day at work, ballgames in the heat or you're simply heading to an...

Teaching: I Don’t Do it For the Money

Some of us are born knowing exactly what we want to do in life, and some of us don't find our calling until much later. I guess I was kind of a mix of...

Let’s Talk About Debt, Baby

Ugh. That's the one word that always comes to mind when I look at my calendar. I'm one of those people who writes every little thing down, lest I forget (mom brain, anyone?), and...