Born and raised throughout the Midwest, Lindsey has officially called Oklahoma home for nearly ten years. Wife to Michael and mother to Ivan, she left the corporate world to be home with her family full time in 2012. When not chasing her ridiculously active 18-month old, Lindsey enjoys being involved in community organizations and planning outings for a local moms group. She also enjoys running, reading, road trips and all things mid-century.

The Purge – Playing a Minimalism Game

There are two kinds of people in this world - keepers and tossers. I am a keeper.  In my world, material things spark memories and feelings. As a very emotional personality, I like to feel...

2 Meals, 20 dollars, 10 Minutes Total

With cooler weather moving in, I thought it was time to share two of my very favorite recipes with you.  The best part is you can make BOTH recipes in less than 10 minutes...

Trains, Planes and Animals – Free Fun in the Metro

My son turned two last month and for a variety of reasons we decided not to have a party.  Instead, my husband and I decided to spend the day doing things we knew he...

When Words are Tough: Dealing with Cancer

I don't really consider myself a cancer survivor.  I mean, I've had cancer and I don't now, so I guess that technically makes me a survivor, but the reality of my experience pales in comparison...

Encouraging Words We Should Use More Often

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  We’re having sleep issues transitioning to a toddler bed and I can’t decide if it’s the cause or effect of the raging tantrums from mom...


We're going on vacation.  We leave tomorrow morning.  I couldn't be more anxious about this trip... for all the wrong reasons. A ten hour road trip with a toddler is reason enough for anxiety, but...

Hot Mamas Run {Giveaway!}

As a runner, I absolutely love 5K's. They are enough of a race to feel like I've accomplished something, but not such a distance I feel like I need to devote countless hours to...

The Best Advice I Never Took

As mothers, we've all been on the receiving end of another's well intentioned words of wisdom.  It starts early, there is something about a baby bump that bonds us as women and brings about a...

Guide to the 4th of July

I have always loved the 4th of July.  It screams of my favorite things: family, fireworks and homemade ice cream. In my mind, this holiday means summer has TRULY arrived, leaving behind the crazy...

Letting Little Hands Help

We've all got chores to do.  I feel like I spend most days attempting to finish yesterday's list while wrangling my toddler and adding new things to my list for today.  The battle is real folks...