Lindsay Walton

Lindsay hails from Amarillo, Texas but moved to the OKC Metro seven years ago to attend Oklahoma Christian University. While there, she met her college sweetheart and they married after Freshman year! She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and served as a Kindergarten teacher for three years before she chose to stay home with her itty-bitty pretty one, Miss A, who was born in November 2016. Lindsay loves all things child-development, craftiness, and is an avid Netflix documentary binger. You can also find her raising a "joyful noise" in her church choir and *secretly* dreaming of becoming an elephant trainer one day!

Making Motherhood Memorable

Motherhood is filled with memorable milestones: baby's first step, your preschooler's first day at "big kid" school, graduation from 5th grade, your middle-schooler's first band concert, and prom.  But what about the small, special,...

3 Ways to Show Him You Care

On April 21st, it's all about the men. Yeah, they may occasionally smell funky and forget where everything in the kitchen goes, but they're pretty cute, right?! If you've got someone handsome to call your partner...

I Have to Choose to Love Him

We've all had those days... You know the ones. Those days where you look at the man you married and can only see all the things you think he's doing wrong or wish he'd change....

Is There Room in My Heart For You?

Pregnant. The test said pregnant. All at once, I felt hollow…not because I was devastated, but because I was in shock. We already have a baby. A beautiful baby girl who is still a baby. She needs...

Bruised But Not Broken: One Woman’s Journey to Her Child

Adoption. This is a subject with which many people hold opposing views, such as: "You should have biological children first." "You should be open to any child joining your family." "You won't be able to love an adopted...

Three Ideas to Help Keep that Back-to-School Buzz Alive!

"Back-to-School" season is one of my most favorite times of the year.  Stores are lined with rows upon rows of school supplies---new notebooks, fresh pencils, perfect crayons!  Ah, my teacher-heart could burst!  And while...

My Painted Smile: A Letter to the Anxiety-Ridden Mother

Fellow Momma, I see you. I see you as you muster up every ounce of strength you have left to go mingle with moms so that your kids can socialize. I see you as you compare every...

6 Ways to Have Fun When You’re Under One

Recently, I've realized how awesome it is to live in an area that provides so many fun experiences for children! Moms can take advantage of playgroups, special programs through colleges, church programs, and more...