Lindsay Hix

Lindsay was born and raised in the OKC Metro where she got her degree in Journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma. She met her husband, Steve, through a blind date set up by a mutual friend and after two years of marriage, welcomed their baby girl, Kinley in June of 2014. Lindsay works full-time at a local nonprofit organization where she enjoys the work she does every day but more than anything, enjoys coming home to flapping baby arms and a two-toothed grin.

A Letter of Thanks to My Friends

We’ve all heard it, and you parents have experienced it. A baby changes your life. My little ray of sunshine rocked my world. Not in a bad way… just completely rocked everything I thought I...

Ground Rules for Marriage

My husband and I have been together about five years now, and along the way we have realized we each have particular "buttons," if you will, and because of that, we set some ground...

How Tongue Tie Tried to Ruin Breastfeeding For Me

When I was pregnant, everyone asked me if I was planning on breastfeeding. Sure, I thought I'd give it a try. But if it didn't work out, I was ok with throwing in the...

The “Perfect” 1st Birthday Party

This month, my baby girl turns one. ONE. How has one whole year flown by? In some ways, it feels like an eternity, but in more ways, it has absolutely flown by and here...

{Lindsay} To my Mom on Mother’s Day

"We don't need a stinkin' man!" That's what you always said as we made the fourth and fifth holes in the wall trying to get the picture hung just right. Or when we'd climb...

Working Moms are Really Superheroes (with suits and heels)

Let me just start by saying that stay-at-home moms are superheroes too… they just wear different capes - likely ones covered in a bit more spit up and drool than us working moms who...

Mom’s Learners Manual: The Chapter on Sleep

We had our first baby last summer and when they told us we could go home, I thought to myself, "Are you sure? You're just going to let us go on our merry way...