Leigh Ann

Hailing from a small west Texas town, Leigh Ann came to Oklahoma for college and now happily calls the state her home. She and her husband, Conner, met in college, were best friends for three and a half years before dating, and the rest is history. The couple now has two Australian shepherds and a new baby boy! Leigh Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in communications, with a minor in music, as well as a master’s degree in marketing. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, spending time with family/friends, staying active and cheering on her favorite sports teams.

The Dad Who Watches

When we went to that very first doctor’s appointment, you watched. When I fell asleep on the couch at 6 p.m. from first trimester fatigue, you watched. When I became frustrated with my clothes no longer...

25 Free/Almost Free Things To Do in Oklahoma This Summer

  Summer in the metro has ARRIVED! We love getting out and playing with our kids all summer long, but we know that sometimes you need to get out of the house and have a...

Pregnancy Is Not An Excuse

Pregnancy is not the time to let yourself go. It is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. It is not the time for you to rationalize that second piece of pie, or laying...

Be Above the Bashing

  Maybe you’re guilty of it. No doubt you’ve witnessed it. Or, perhaps you’ve simply acknowledged it with an “Amen, girl” or an all-caps “YES” comment on another mom’s Facebook rant. Dad bashing. Sure, there are things...

Balance and Boundaries: Making Your Own

Each of us sets boundaries in our lives. Some grow subconsciously over time, others with much more thought. We set boundaries for ourselves, and we set boundaries for those with whom we interact. They’re...

13 Hard Truths About the First 90 Days of Motherhood

Motherhood is a lot of things - it’s beautiful, exhausting, challenging and fun, all at the same time. It’s life changing and it makes your heart feel so full it could burst. While that’s all...

Dear NICU Mom, We Know It’s Hard

Dear NICU Mom,  Please know that you are not alone. When you leave the NICU without your baby for the first time, overwhelmed and heartbroken, you aren’t alone. I know how it feels to send updates to friends...

Pregnant and Paranoid: A First-Time Mom’s Perspective

When I was little, if I heard an unfamiliar noise in the house during the night, it was nearly impossible for me to fall back asleep. My mind would run wild, imagining the most...