Originally from West Texas, Lauren moved to Oklahoma in 2007 on a whim and has been here ever since. Lauren loves doing life with her husband (also known as The Boy), their two goofy dogs, and little girl, Z. Professionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker. The rest of the time...Lauren is a coach's wife, an avid reader, a classic introvert, and a first-time mom. The journey to parenthood did not go anywhere close to the plan, but looking back, she would not change a thing. Currently, Lauren is adapting to mom life via parenting memes, text messages with her best friends, and praying that she doesn't screw up. She spends her time traveling throughout Oklahoma to watch various sporting events, taking spontaneous road trips (the fewer plans...the better), spending nights reading on the back porch, and enjoying good food with friends.

I’m a Messy Mom – Here’s What It’s Teaching Me

When asked about hidden talents, I have one thing that consistently comes to mind. One thing I can do without even trying. I guess you could say that it comes naturally. For approximately thirty...
5 Mom Truths

5 Mom Truths We Should All Accept

I'm new to this mom game. Growing up babysitting in my small town, I thought I would have a general idea of how to raise a baby. And, yes, I can feed, change a...

A New Kind of Tired

Fifteen years ago, I was tired. I was a new college student learning that my mother was no longer around to help navigate my sleeping schedule. I was the one responsible for going to bed...