Lauren Kruszewski

Lauren is a personal trainer, life and wellness coach, and currently just went back to work as a Teacher Assistant for Special Education. She has three daughters, ages 11, 10 and 7. They are a traveling family aka KruszinwiththeKrusz who are originally from MI and have been on the move for the last 7 years (OR to WA to FL to TX to OK). However, her and the girls are hoping to finally say that they may have found their home here in Oklahoma after moving here a year ago. When not doing the mom thing, she can be found at many local gyms, blogging, reading, traveling, exploring (adventures are a MUST), taking and posting MILLIONS of pictures, hosting parties, cooking (major foodie), hitting live shows (music) and writing a book as well starting a new business!

Parenting in the “In-Between”

Photo Credit: Kelsey Messinger Photography I cherish this photo because who knows how much longer she will hold my hands like this, let alone stand this close to me!  Dear Mom of Little Girls at the...