I’m a local Okie, wife, and mom of two. I work full time and teach yoga a few nights a week. I am very passionate about family and healthy living. I love to play with my babies & I cherish every moment I get with them. I love to bake, play in the garden, and stay active. My house is never clean, my family is (usually) always happy, and I drink way too much coffee.

Organic Produce Shopping Guide

I’ve always been a healthy person, I’ve always been athletic, and I’ve always eaten pretty well. When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2009, all of that was suddenly just not good enough. I...

What I Want My Daughter to Know About Mean Girls

To You, My Beautiful Little Free Spirit, I look at your sweet face and watch your kind gestures. I run with you, I pretend with you, and I talk about everything under the sun with...

Young Love (How I Met Your Father)

How I met your Father… Sorry kids, how your daddy and I met is not a mooey gooey love story, but it's fitting for us since we aren't mooey gooey people. We were 18 and...

Hormones and…Chin Hair?!

Dear chin hair, I remember when we first met. I had just given birth to my daughter and my hormones were all out of whack. You certainly weren’t sympathetic upon arrival. Adjusting to life with...

Choosing Joy

“Joy is not in things; it is in us.” – Richard Wagner By the time I leave the house in the morning, drop kids off at daycare, and pull in to park at work,...

Raising my daughter to be a confident woman

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” –Shakespeare I often hear moms with all boy children blurt out “I’m so glad I don’t have a girl, boys are so much easier! Plus, I...

Banishing the guilt of a working mom

“There will be times you feel like you've failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are SUPER MOM!” – Stephanie Precourt I give all praises to stay at home moms....

Juicing 101

I started juicing back in 2010 after I had my daughter. I’ve always been a relatively healthy person, but wanted to kick it up a notch. I found a book by the author Kris...

OKC Spotlight::Bountiful Baskets

At Oklahoma City Moms Blog we feel there are incredible not-for-profit organizations and resources right here in our community. They support different needs of OKC families, mothers, and children and we'd like to help spread the word...