I'm a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to four super active kiddos ages: 7 & under. Seven years ago, I traded in my career outside the home for a career as an adventurous homeschooling mom and gave up microwave cooking for organic homemade meals. Truly, dance parties, lots of prayer, and laughter are the only ways I stay sane, along with working out, traveling, crafting & reading in my spare time. Most of all, I love serving God, my family, my friends and my community. My family is constantly looking for ways that we can grow and have fun together while blessing others with what the Lord has given us. I hope my words will be a blessing to you!

The Bunny Money System: Teaching the Value of Time & Money

What I have happily coined "The Bunny Money System" came about from my desire to want to teach our children about the value of time and money.  We weren't really sure how to go...

Dr Who: Who is the Best Doctor for Your Family?

Choosing a doctor is more difficult than I once thought.  Why?  Because not every doctor thinks alike.  For that matter, not every mother thinks alike.  In the end, we all care about our health...

Drowning in Distractions: Taking Control of My Days

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in the distractions of life?  I've been feeling that way a lot lately.  So many things to do - some I absolutely love and some I...

What’s Really at the Heart of the Vaccine Debate?

To vaccinate or not vaccinate?  That's the debate that is flying around almost all the blogs, Facebook posts, the news, etc.  Truly, I am one that is very interested in having this discussion, but...

16 Mommy Hacks: How I Survive My Everyday Life

Oh, who knew being a mom would mean wearing so many hats and getting our creative groove on - constantly!  I now realize that all my high school and college classes, sports training and...

The Sparkle Box & Other Fun Christmas Traditions

The wonder of the season takes over the moment Thanksgiving passes and the sparkle of lights fill the air with excitement of what's to come as we set up the tree and have our...

Super Scrumptious & Easy Christmas Treats!

The first snow falls and my mouth waters because I know that Christmas treats are just around the corner. I love to be able to provide my family & friends with sweet treats for Christmas...

Family Faith Journal – Seeing Is Believing

With the holidays coming up in a rush, I can't help but start to think about all the traditions that we long to continue or create. Over the past few years, I've had this idea...

Tykester Brings a Sigh of Relief to a New or Not so New Momma

I remember the first time I left my first child in the arms of someone else.  Even though it was with her adoring Mima and she was 6 months old, I couldn't bear to be...

Cemetery Fun!

So, maybe the words "cemetery" and "fun" have never been in the same sentence in your family but in mine they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  I can't even count how often we have driven...

The Stitching Post

The Stitching Post is a fun, family business that will get you in the sewing mood! What attracted me to The Stitching Post initially was not only the owner's wonderful attitude but the classes they...

Songs of Life

Music is powerful.  For me, it's all encompassing. It ignites all of my senses.  I hear a song from my past and instantly a flood of smells, images, sounds, and emotions fill my heart...