I'm a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to four super active kiddos ages: 7 & under. Seven years ago, I traded in my career outside the home for a career as an adventurous homeschooling mom and gave up microwave cooking for organic homemade meals. Truly, dance parties, lots of prayer, and laughter are the only ways I stay sane, along with working out, traveling, crafting & reading in my spare time. Most of all, I love serving God, my family, my friends and my community. My family is constantly looking for ways that we can grow and have fun together while blessing others with what the Lord has given us. I hope my words will be a blessing to you!

The BEST Hot Chocolate in OKC

While some people love coffee, I have a passion for hot chocolate. I will freely admit that I am a hot chocolate snob! Every year on my birthday, that is all I ask for -...

25 Great Ways to Give Back in OKC

The Holiday season always brings up a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and serve others.  As moms, this is the opportune time to take advantage of the spirit of the season and encourage our children...

How We Have a Sugar-Free Halloween

Before you lament over the fact that my kids only get tofu pops for Halloween, just know that is not the case at all. I actually hate all things tofu but I do avoid...

Tips From a Pro: How to Trade the Crib for a Bed

One of the most exciting times of my kids toddler years is getting their own bed!  We have tried to make it a special coming of age tradition in our household as much as...

Free & Cheap Date Night Ideas in OKC

Every Friday night my husband and I have the opportunity to drop the kids off at their grandparent's house and enjoy a night out!  (Just in case you don't have the grandparent card to...

The Potty Training Saga: Tips & Tricks

I say potty training is a saga because so far I've seen 3 different versions and am looking forward to the 4th! I'm pretty sure the 4th will start soon. There have already been indicators...

Oh, the Places We’ll Go – In Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is an amazing state and has a ton to offer outside of the city limits. There are plenty of wonderful sites to visit just an hour or two away.  Don't let drive time...

Fire Safety Training for Kids

When a tornado siren blares any other time besides Saturday at noon, my kids know exactly what to do - head for the shelter.  But several weeks ago when the fire alarm sounded, they ignored...

From Never to Forever (How I Met Your Father)

Our relationship began with a car ride and was solidified through a dog, a flourishing friendship, a laugh and a loss! The Car Ride  My husband and I's "dating" history could only be described as...

How Old is TOO Young: The Free Range Parenting Debacle

I sat in complete bewilderment this past January and again a few weeks ago, as I read about the Maryland couple who allowed their 10 & 6 year old children to walk to the park by themselves...

To My Fellow Night Owl Mommas

To my fellow night owl mommas, I have something revolutionary to share with you. I know, truly, you won't believe it but you will once you've successfully tried it. I've been a night owl for as...

Too Much TV! Freeing My Kids from being TV Zombies

So not only is this the title of one of my favorite Berenstain books (and yes, it is stain instead of stein, just in case you have been saying it wrong like I have...