Kristen Gardiner

Kristen resides in Edmond with her husband and three wild and crazy boys, ages 8, 5, and 2. She is a native Texan who relocated to the Oklahoma City area with her family in 2015. She loves art, Whataburger, Real Housewives, and being an active member of the LDS Church. Kristen has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Texas A&M and an M.B.A. from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Kristen is also a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and has a passion for contributing hands-on car seat education to the community. You can read more car seat tips on her blog: Driving Mom Crazy .
The Container Store cubby and storage bins

How The Container Store Transformed This Mom’s Messy House

I am not an organized person. At all. When I see pictures of super tidy homes I think: "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I truly don't feel like I have time to keep a tidy...
new mother with baby

A Letter of Thanks to Labor and Delivery Nurses

Dear Labor & Delivery Nurses: Your work is so very important and special. Unfortunately it is often underappreciated. Doctors often get the credit for the safe arrival of a healthy baby while you have spent...
woman taking blood pressure

5 Ways to Help an Aging Parent Live Independently

"Alexa, make my life easier." Wouldn't that be nice?? As women and moms, we are constantly trying to find life hacks that can make the every day run smoother. We live in a technology world....
child in car seat

Yes, You CAN Forget Your Child: Preventing Hot Car Deaths

Every year as summer approaches I see reports of children dying by being left in hot cars, and the first comment on every news article is about how a "good" parent would NEVER have...
fireworks on the fourth.

I’m Already Over the Fireworks

I love the Fourth of July. And I LOVE watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. We have a great view just sitting in our front yard, and my three boys absolutely love seeing...
teacher and student making bracelets

Rose State Kids College: A Unique Spin on Summer Fun

Is there a subject, hobby, or activity your child is obsessed with? Well, there’s a class for that! Rose State College offers a summertime "Kids College" with weekly sessions of different interest-based classes. These niche...

In Defense of the #Boymom

Lately I've seen a lot of hating on the "Boy Mom" hashtag.  Moms looking for solidarity by using #boymom or #boymomproblems seem to be met with criticism of stereotyping, accusations of excluding girls, and...
child in seat belt

5 Reasons Your 8+ Year-Old Needs A Booster Seat (Yes, STILL)

Did you know that although many state laws don't mandate booster usage beyond age 8, that most children still need them?  A (not so) Fun Fact:  Children ages 5 and older have higher fatality...

When You Leave Your Best Friends Behind

I felt a pang of sadness as we pulled up to the airport drop-off area. I had just spent three days with some of the most amazing women I know. It didn't feel like...

How Supper Club 76 is Changing Dinner Time

What is a mom's most valuable resource?  For me, it's TIME.  There simply aren't enough hours in the day!  What are the tasks that suck up the majority of my time?  All things FOOD. ...

I Hate Dinner Time and I’m Not Sorry

Dinner time...oh, dinner time.  I cringe at the mere thought of you.  I dread the horror that awaits me, and the fact that I'm powerless to stop it. Every day dinner is on my mind....

When Something Isn’t Right: Tongue Ties and Breastfeeding

"Your baby isn't gaining weight like he should be," the pediatrician explained. My baby was three months old and something wasn't right.  It was right there on his growth chart, with the line going down...