Kay Barnes

Hi, I'm Kay! I'm easing toward my 30s, making a life with my best friend and raising babies in the Great Plains. Here are some popular ways I've been categorized: ENFJ, Slytherin. I have confidence in Jesus and therapy, un verre de vin, and time spent in nature. Follow along @thegoodsahmaritan.

Why We’ll Always Apologize to Our Kids

A few days ago, my husband and I were watching Kim's Convenience. Sidenote: please watch this on Netflix if you haven't yet - it's hilarious. We paused to talk about family expectations and how we wished...

Sometimes, I’m Not a Nice Mommy

Today my patience was shorter than my toddler. My kindness paled in comparison with the tantrums. And there wasn’t quite enough Zoloft to give me peace. Today was another day in isolation. I always say that marriage is...

3 Steps to Take to Kick Mom Guilt to the Curb

I've been surprised to find that the tug-of-war about whether I should stop breastfeeding and when is as strong today, after having my third child, as it was years ago when I had my...

OKC Metro Black-Owned Businesses You Will LOVE

I love to shop locally and support the communities around the metro. I wanted to give a quick guide to some of my very favorite small businesses that are also black-owned.  Brew Bro Coffee located...

To My High School Girlfriends

There are a few things I wanted to tell you at our 10-year reunion, but since I won't see you in person anytime soon, here's what the women who shaped my formative years need...

Why We Don’t Celebrate Christmas

A few years ago we would only share this with our closest friends: we don't celebrate Christmas. We eased our families into our decision not to participate in the tradition. I still decorated for the...
restaurant patios okc

The Quintessential Guide to Restaurant Patios in OKC

Some of us need to GET OUT of the house. If you just sighed heavily and said "YES" while rolling your eyes, then this is for you. I've Marie Kondo'd it all, read a...