Kenzie is a single mom of a joyful threenager. She lives on unsweet tea and chocolate. Kenzie's life is... well...her life is constantly evolving- truly there’s never a dull moment. Her writing is intended to bring laughter to others through her hot mess of a life, hopefully to bring strength to the single mamas out there & to share the joy of how awesome life can be no matter what comes your way. Kenzie didn’t plan on becoming a single mom, but she always dares to make the best of it!

To My 29-Year-Old Self…

I turned 31 this September. It wasn’t the birthday I ever imagined it to be, it was even better. If I could write a letter to my 29-year-old self, I think it would go...

Work-at-Home Mom Turned Panic-at-Home Mom

January 2020 made some pretty big promises to me. My divorce was finalized, my savings looked great, and my babysitting business was running without any flaws. My son was accepted into preschool in the...

Am I even a good mom during all this?

Am I a good mom during all of this? That’s the million-dollar question that stands alone in my mind these days. Half the time I don’t know what day it is, let alone if...

Moms, It’s Time. 4 Reasons Why TikTok is the App You Need for Quarantine

Yes, you heard me. Move over other social media, TikTok is here. This social media platform takes it to a whole new level. We live in a time where people love to share what they...
The Corona Playlist

The Playlist of a (Corona) Lifetime

If you check out my Apple Music, you're going to find a playlist for just about any occasion. I have one for sleeping, a single mom playlist, an anxiety playlist, one for when I'm...
Fresh Start

Fresh Start: Life After Divorce

I've written a blog over how to survive in the midst of divorce... but son of a nutcracker how in the WORLD do you survive after divorce? There wasn't enough chocolate in the world...

Surviving Divorce for Dummies

I am officially, OFFICIALLY a divorced woman. It took me 18 months to get to this point in my life. I have learned so much through each passing month, made mistakes, and felt like...

5 Reasons Why We’re Already Hooked On Disney+

I feel that every man, woman, child, dog AND creature under the sun is aware of Disney's new video streaming service, Disney+… and we all about lost our minds. It made its big debut...

Confessions of a Last Minute Mom

Hi, I'm Kenzie and I struggle with being last minute with everything and anything. Hi Kenzie. But let me tell you something, it's not the worst thing ever. Believe it or not, there are some benefits...