Kelly Koutahi

Kelly was born near Alva, and grew up in Enid and then near Miami, Oklahoma. She met her handsome husband Charles while they were both students at OSU in Stillwater. They were married in 1992 and have two daughters, ages 15 and 20. Kelly has been a happy stay-at-home- mom for nearly two decades, and has more hobbies than is probably healthy for one to have. When she is not outside tending to her flowers and shrubs, she may be making jewelry, sewing, painting, baking, or working on her blog. Volunteering for her children's schools and arts programs has been a pivotal experience for Kelly. Proud to be a Drama Mama and a Choir Booster, she has worked hard to support the fine arts in education because she has seen the positive impact these activities have on student lives. Kelly is very happy to be putting her BA in English to good use, by helping to teach ACT Test prep workshops, writing a fictionalized family memoir, and with OKCMomsBlog, making a contribution from the perspective of a mom to older kids.

5 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Teachers

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Five Nearly Free Christmas Gifts to Start Making Now

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Our Favorite Christmas Memory Was the Worst Christmas Ever

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Building Fairy Houses from OKC Moms Blog

Making Fairy Houses – A Creative Way to Encourage Outdoor Play

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10 Items Not to Skip on Your Baby Registry

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When I went through menopause at the typically average age of 52, my experience was so totally not what I was expecting. In my dramatic imagination, I was worried about going through wild mood swings....
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3 Easy Make-Ahead Desserts to Wow a Crowd

I can't say I love to entertain, because as an introvert - I don't! But I DO love to make showstopping desserts for parties. I live for that moment of silence when everyone is...

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Summer is more than just a date on the calendar. It's a way of life, especially in our Oklahome-sweet-homa. From April to October, the temperatures climb and so does the feeling of fun in...

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . the Women of Star Wars held a Cookie Swap . . . Each stellar character brought her favorite cookie to the...

I Am Not A Happy Camper

To camp or not to camp, that is the question. Sorry, Shakespeare, but for me, there is no dilemma. Camping ranks right up there with the Zombie Apocalypse for fun. I will participate if it's...