Kaylee Strozyk

Hi, I’m Kaylee! I have an almost-4 year old daughter, Braela, who is the strongest, most independent person I know, and the sweetest 2 year old son, Malachi, who hates to sleep. We moved to Edmond in April 2019 from Buffalo, NY and LOVE the warm weather. I am a freelance writer and blogger at Mama and More, which is what I was always meant to do but didn’t know it. I like to pretend my life is an HGTV show by redecorating, reorganizing, painting and building things constantly--but my home usually looks like a “before” picture.

Dear Moms, You Need A Hobby

Before you roll your eyes or scoff (is it too late already?), let's just take a second to think about the word "hobby." I know it sounds crazy. It's like when people without children say,...

What my Mother-In-Law Taught Me About Being a Great Mother (In-law)

Mothers-in-law get a seriously bad rap. And usually, it's well-deserved. It's much more common to have a weird or completely broken relationship with your MIL than it is to have a good, open relationship. We've...

The Secrets to Loving Your Home as a Mom (And Why It Matters)

Hi, my name is hot mess mom. I almost never do crafts with my kids, I hate cooking, and the crumbs in my car could feed half of a continent. My kids make messes...

What I Wish I Knew About Febrile Seizures

We can't learn everything about parenting in advance, but there's one thing I wish I had been prepared for. The febrile seizure. Why are parents not talking about this?! The First Febrile Seizure On the evening...

An Open Letter to My MLM Friends

When you joined your company, I’m guessing you probably didn’t think, “I can’t wait to awkwardly message women I haven’t talked to in decades and make all my friends uncomfortable!”  Instead, I know you joined...

6 Things You Should Know About Giving Birth

Be prepared, y'all. I'm about to use the word "vaginal."  When I first got pregnant with my daughter, I was in shock. I was trying to process this huge life change, but mostly, I was...

I Won’t Miss Everything About Parenting

For four years straight, I was either pregnant or nursing. Last month, I weaned my second child from nursing, and guess what? I don’t feel sad at all. Before you gather your friends and march to...
The difference between good kids and easy kids

The Difference Between “Good” Kids and “Hard” Kids

We have been judging kids based on their behavior, and it’s time to change. I get it. We like good kids! The ones who always listen to authority, use their manners, and respond to discipline...