Kayla Carroll

My name is Kayla, I am a wife, and mother of three. My kids are the best, and I'm not biased at all! I have a son, who's 7, and two girls that are 4 and almost 1. I love my family. I also have an adorable dog and lots of extended family, that all live here in Oklahoma. I am an Okie girl born and raised but I love to travel and see the world. When my husband and I were married we moved to California. We moved back here in 2016, after my husband finished serving with the United States Marine Corps. I have always loved it here and can really appreciate all it has to offer! I love reading and writing, raising my three kids, being outdoors when it's nice and staying in when it's not. I enjoy crocheting, photography, gardening, hiking, scrapbooking, and because I have to laundry, cooking, dishes and sweeping! Hope to see you around at a park or a grocery store!

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