Karin Moreland

Karin has lived in Edmond since moving to Oklahoma when she was 14. She is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Elementary Education. The mother of four kids ranging in age from 11-16, including a surprise set of twins, she is a constant mom taxi just savoring these years. A Realtor by trade but a mom by heart, her day includes an adorably needy border collie named Georgia, and her sports loving husband keeping the whole crew in step.

Stop Texting My Husband

There is no doubt that marriage can be hard, but throw in a kid or two, or four, and there are times your marriage can be hanging by a thread. The last thing we...

Your OKC 4th of July Events Guide

The 4th of July: the ever changing, always fun, absolutely sacred summer holiday here in the good ole' US of A. I love the fourth of July! it is all about fun, food, friends,...

How to Staycation Without Guilt

Summer is upon us and quite frankly I am dreading hearing the whining that "everyone" is going somewhere. Yes, last year I swore to myself that we would not miss a chance for another vacation but life...

Why I Could NEVER Work 8-5

I just finished two very busy weeks. Hours of continuing education, some part time work, a few substituting jobs, some volunteer work, and four very busy kids and their schedules, a sweet sixteen party...

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for the Last-Minute Mom

Teacher Appreciation Week is THIS WEEK! Are you ready? I don't know about you, but spring is such a busy time and buying or creating a great, really cute, really wanted gift can be stressful for me....

Family and Budget Friendly Vacations

Spring is here and I am grateful for nice weather but I am still desperate for a vacation! However this year will be a budget vacation kind of year; with a daughter turning sixteen soon it...

The Dreaded Middle School Years

The year you send your child to middle school is the year so many of us dread. We ask the parents of older kids how middle school is, what they did, and what we...

Danger Ahead- Comparison

It starts so innocently; something comes up in conversation, someone shares some news with you, or you simply notice something and before you know it you are doing the the most dangerous thing a parent...

Three Things I Hate About Having ADD

I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. I am not an expert on ADD and yes, I am aware that the medical community calls it ADHD. I am however...

Are “B”s Bad?

It is that time of year again - report card time! And I will tell you that we are praying that our oldest gets a "B" in Geometry. Yep, that's right. A "B" would be...