Kara Garis

Kara is a Jesus-loving foodie who lives in Moore, Oklahoma with her husband and three children (ages 5 and under). She has a bachelor's in biology and chemistry from the University of Central Oklahoma and spent two years teaching science before becoming a stay-at-home mom in 2012. She loves coffee, reading, exploring new places, running, baking and gathering people around her kitchen table. She writes regularly for Mom's Milk Boutique as well as her personal blog, and has written for Desiring God.

Do Low Expectations of Dads Start with Me?

My husband has a rotation of daddy dates with each of our three children on Sundays at lunch. Each Sunday, he takes one on our children out to a restaurant (usually Braum's) where they...

Announcing Your Pregnancy While Your Friend is Still Waiting For Her Baby

Fertility. The word itself carries connotations of a formulaic process. Commit this specific act in this specific time frame and you will conceive a child. It's objective. Scientific. It clearly works for so many without...

Mommin’ with Morning Sickness

I crouched forward, pressing my forehead to the cool bathroom tile, inwardly praising my husband for his recent scrub of the floor. I breathed in and out slowly, willing away the stomach upheaval and...

I Gave Up on Entertaining… For Hospitality

It had been ten short days since the birth of my third child. Prior to my pregnancy, we had planned a vacation for just four weeks after our daughter's birth date, leaving my husband...