Kara Carrero

Kara is married and has one daughter and plans to have a large family. She loves being a eco-conscious mom and is a huge advocate of the organic, all natural, and "leave no trace" kind of lifestyle. She is a certified History and English teacher and uses her degrees to write freelance curriculum and run www.ALLterNATIVElearning.com. She is a Christian, an environmentalist, a researcher, a teacher, a mom, and an entrepreneur. She and her husband blog about DIY and renovating their OKC house at http://rehabit.at

Preparing to Tandem Nurse A Toddler and Newborn

**Each Friday, starting Nov 7 and for the next 7 weeks, we will be posting a new blog post about breastfeeding and several different journeys our team has experienced.** Before I had my dear daughter,...
Best thrift stores and secondhand shopping experience in Oklahoma city and the surrounding metro area

The 5 BEST Secondhand Shops in OKC

The last time I went to the mall was probably 2.5 years ago and the last time I bought something brand new was probably a gift for someone outside of our family. We typically...
Trying to connect in our marriage even when I am all touched out and when kids make it hard to be intimate and invest in our marriage | ALLterNATIVElearning for OKC Moms Blog

All Touched Out: The Crossroads of Parenting & Marriage

Growing up I knew that understanding the love languages was something that could play into a happy or not-as-happy marriage. I knew going into my own marriage that it was important to own how...
Appropriate Comments to Make to Pregnant Women | ALLterNATIVElearning for OKC Mom's Blog

Conversation Etiquette with a Pregnant Woman

We have all heard the stories of women that were only six months pregnant and everyone was buzzing about how they looked like they were carrying twins or could pop any day. But, have you...
Driving through Downtown OKC

Surviving as a One Car Family in Oklahoma CIty

Being a one car family in Oklahoma City is not an easy task. At the heart of the highways, we live in an area where car is king and sidewalks are seemingly non-existent. So...
Savvy Baby OKC diaper service | SavvyBabyOK.com

Savvy Baby Diaper Service {Sponsored}

In a world of supermarkets and online ordering, the art of personalized customer service has seemingly gone by the wayside. However, there is one great OKC metro company that is striving to not only...
The bradley method of husband coached childbirth - in the hospital

The Bradley Method: A Breech in Our Plans

The Bradley Method is a natural childbirth option that educates both the mother and the father over a twelve week time frame. So for one day each week, my husband and I attended classes...

Great Cloth Diaper Change 2014

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an attempt to set the world record for most babies changed in a cloth diaper at the same time world wide. Okay, so maybe that doesn't sound like...
Natural Parenting Resource in Oklahoma City | green-bambino.com

Green Bambino {Sponsored}

Have you heard of Green Bambino at 5oth and Shartel right off of the heart of Western Avenue? Chances are that if you are familiar with this local gem, you know it is a...

Visiting Local Animal Shelters

While many consider adopting a pet, just visiting local animal shelters can also be a great option for families. It's a wonderful way to give animals that don't normally get personalized attention, some love...

Valentines – About Love not Gifts

Valentine's Day is a wonderful reminder to show our love more fully to those around us. However, like most holidays we tend to get consumed by consumerism and leave behind the real intent of...
Indoor Urban Park OKC

Indoor Urban Park OKC

This past Friday, my family and I were able to go to the premier of the Indoor Urban Park at IAO Gallery on Old Film Row in Downtown OKC. This kid-friendly play space is...