Jessie Magee

Hi! I’m Jessie! Born and raised in Central Oklahoma, I am currently enjoying suburban life with my toddler, husband, and a sweet little terrier. I love diving into anything nerdy from engaging in a fantasy novel to playing a tabletop game with friends. I love to make people laugh. Catch me watching a football game, making cookies, or painting dinosaurs with my daughter. My struggles once defined me, but now they help mold me. I want to lift fellow mothers who silently suffer in the shadows. Chronic illness and pain are invisible, but very real. Our battles are tough, but our resolve is strong. You’ll never see me hide my tears, and neither should you.

The Real Secret to Aging Gracefully

It's 2022. You're flipping through Instagram and admiring these flawless moms. No wrinkles, no stress, and no momma pooch. You wonder, 'How can I achieve this level of a goddess?' Well, I have some...
Disabled mom

I’m a Disabled Mom: Here’s 4 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

I've been disabled since I was in high school. When hip-hugger jeans were all the rage and Avril Lavigne was asking us why we had to go and make things complicated, I was given...
Let's Talk About the Red Panda in the Room

So Let’s Talk About the Red Panda in the Room…

I got my period at the age of 12. It happened in the middle of English class and I was humiliated and excited all at once.  It also happened in 2002. In Pixar's new...