Jenny is a native of Moore, Oklahoma, where she currently lives. After graduating from OSU and getting married to her husband BJ in 2003, she lived in frigid Minneapolis for four years while earning her doctorate in clinical psychology. Jenny worked in private practice as a licensed psychologist for several years before leaving her job to become a SAHM in 2015. She has four sons ranging from baby to seven years. The testosterone runs wild in her house, but she loves it! She once considered it her full-time job to stop her boys from doing flips on the couch and otherwise wrestling like bears, but soon realized her surrender to their collective energy was inevitable. Jenny, BJ, and their boys enjoy eating at metro-area restaurants, playing outside, learning, and traveling. When her kids are (finally) sleeping, Jenny thrives on jogging, reading travel books and feminist writings, baking high-calorie treats, and laughing hysterically at the likes of Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

6 Things to Know Before Taking Your Kids to the Teachers’ March

Raise your hand if you feel that the first week of April here in Oklahoma was a surreal swirl of Crazytown. Oh, good. I'm not the only one. In case you just crawled out of Robbers...

Four Fabulous Desserts with Five Ingredients or Less

Reader, I have no intention of boring you with words here. Let's just say that hopefully we will have some snow days this winter and you might want something sweet to munch on. By...

I Still Can’t Believe I Love Motherhood

It all happened so quickly. One moment my clothes were dry and my kitchen was clean; the next, my sweater was covered in milk and butter, and chunks of potatoes were splayed across my...

Momming and Jogging: Game Plans to Conquer Both

I started running regularly after my first son was born seven years ago. It seemed a good way to kick off the pregnancy weight and I thought I needed a new challenge--because, you know,...

The Thanksgiving Party We Never Skip

Our family has a couple of steadfast Thanksgiving traditions. The first is the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving kids' lunch I always throw the day before Thanksgiving (read about that one here!), and the second is...

To Adele: A Mom’s Open Letter of Love

To Adele, Look out; here comes yet another feeble letter from an adoring fan, this time a mother of four small boys. I'm sure you get these all the time. The funny thing about a...

I Feel Like I’m an Impostor

I started jogging regularly about seven years ago in an attempt to lose my baby weight. My commitment to my jogging has waxed and waned through the course of three additional pregnancies and a...

Where Kids Eat Free (or Almost Free) in OKC

Every family needs nights out. It's always so great to hear those magic words: kids eat free here tonight! We've put our elbow grease into creating the most up-to-date list of restaurants that serve free...

Workout Warrior Wednesday

I don't know about you ladies, but the middle of the week is a little lot crazy for our family. My four boys are fairly young (all aged seven and younger) and we aren't...

Mom Life in Haiku

Who doesn't love a good haiku? I've always enjoyed reading traditional Japanese haiku, and I also relish the challenge of creating them. In case high school English has slipped your mind because life and...

Why (and How) I Became a Breast Milk Donor

It really all began when Aiden died. Aiden was a sweet baby boy born to my friend Kristen in May 2012, but he became ill with pertussis (whooping cough) at just a couple weeks of...

“Hamilton,” and Other Middle of the Night Mad Skills

The clock chimes 3:45 am. The house is quiet, and all are asleep--save one woman animatedly whispering rap lyrics in the warm living room by the fireplace. She is nursing a baby with one...