Jenna Myrick

Jenna became Mama Myrick in January 2017 and is learning to embrace every up and down of mom life. Before mom life, Jenna was using her MS in Organizational Leadership and Professional Human Resources certification to develop corporate learning & development programs. Jenna lives tiny and loves big with her husband, son, and three dogs in Edmond, OK. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and iced decaf americanos. A semi-crunchy minimalist, she is on a mission to live a meaningful life, raise a loving family and make the world a better place. You can follow her adventures at http://myrickmusings.wordpress.com.

6 {Kid-Approved} No Stove Meals for Summer

I love summer. I love being outside, enjoying the sunshine, playing in the water, celebrating 4th of July and my birthday. What I don't love is coming home from a HOT day, then having to...

OKC Bloom 2018 {Event Recap}

Our 3rd Annual Bloom event was hosted at The Montellano Event Center on Thursday, April 19th. With over 100 Oklahoma mamas and guests in attendance, it was our most popular Bloom event to date!...

How I Came to Terms With the Mom I’m Not

With each passing holiday, I become more aware of The Mom I'm Not - the mom I may never be. You see, I'm not the mom who had a birthday cake delivered to the hospital...

Things I’ll Do Differently for My Next Birth

The tiny squish in this picture just turned one, and I know you know what I mean when I say my hormones are playing games with me. They're playing the "you want another one, don't you,...

The Day My Baby Quit Nursing

Two days before my baby's first birthday, he abruptly quit nursing. It was 3:00 on a Saturday and I had been bitten (yes, there) one too many times that day. I gently but sternly...

OKC Bloom: An Event for New & Expecting Moms {2018}

Bloom 2018 is going to be the best one yet! We've brought back some favorites from last year and discovered some new resources for our mamas! All moms are welcome - join us!  Who:: Bloom...

4 Reasons Whole30 is Great For Moms

You may think Whole30 is restrictive, impossible, or just plain crazy. I mean, thirty days without cheese?! But, I am a huge fan, and if you give it a shot - you might be, too! I've...

A Royal Morning {Event Recap}

A Royal Morning was a truly magical experience for 50 little princesses and their guests!! A big thank you to Vincent Vacations for sponsoring this event and providing bags for the girls to accessorize their...
tiny house

A Love Letter to My Little House

My Dearest,           We've only known each other for a little over 2.5 years, but I knew you were the one for me the moment we met. Actually, my husband did. He's pretty good at...

6 Experts to Support Your Postpartum Recovery

You're pregnant! Ultrasounds! Birth Classes! Checkups! Baby Showers! Birth Plans! Baby comes! Swaddling! Breastfeeding! Shushing! Baby Bath! Weight Check! Alright, you get to take baby home! See you in 6 weeks! 6 week check-up: You're clear to resume activities. Want some...
Little Girl Sleeping

Co-sleeping: I Didn’t Mean To Do It.

It started innocently enough. After bringing my son home from the hospital, myself, my husband, or another family member/friend held my son while he slept. He was up every three hours anyway! At his 2...

Spend Less and Stress Less This Holiday Season

The holiday season, in all its fun-filled, pecan pie, sparkly light, peppermint mocha glory, can be definitely is a stressful time for moms. What is advertised as blissful holidays off work and time with family turns...