Jenna Myrick

Jenna became Mama Myrick in January 2017 and is learning to embrace every up and down of mom life. Before mom life, Jenna was using her MS in Organizational Leadership and Professional Human Resources certification to develop corporate learning & development programs. Jenna lives tiny and loves big with her husband, son, and three dogs in Edmond, OK. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and iced decaf americanos. A semi-crunchy minimalist, she is on a mission to live a meaningful life, raise a loving family and make the world a better place. You can follow her adventures at

Meal Plan and Grocery List – DONE!

Do you ever wish someone would plan a week's worth of meals for your family with a printable grocery list? You're. In. Luck. I just so happen to LOVE meal-planning. I've picked out two of...

3 Ways You Can Create A Calmer Home – Today

We could all use a bit more calm, now and forever. I want to share some ways you can invite more calm into your home and make mindfulness a habit for your family.  What is...

Embracing Outdoor Time in All Weather

Outdoor time has been my saving grace in motherhood. During the newborn stage, many evenings were spent taking a crying babe out on the porch. Through the toddler years, we have ventured to parks,...

20+ Pre-2000’s Movies Your Kids Will Love

  Our kids are so lucky to have the content they have today. Moana, Elsa, Lightning McQueen, Daniel Tiger - all amazing. My three-year old and I are both big fans of the Hamilton soundtrack....

Ready to learn to REALLY Cook? Follow These Foodie Moms

When I became a mother, I didn't know how to cook. All my meals looked the same (ground beef tacos/nachos/quesadillas, anyone?). I've always loved food, and I wanted learn how to cook, but I...

The Most Memorable Holiday Events: An OKC Mom’s Guide

The holidays bring so much excitement! Shopping, Santa, busy weekends...what's not to love? We're here to help simplify some of the must-do events this season! A huge thanks to our sponsors for this guide,...

Pearls & Plaid 2018 {Event Recap}

It was another amazing year of Moms Night Out! Pearls & Plaid was our 3rd annual MNO event, hosted at Orr Family Farm and sponsored by Hudiburg Auto Group.  The highlight of the evening was...

Indoor Soccer Shots: Why It’s Perfect for the Winter Season

Are you looking for engaging indoor activities to support your child's well-being, get some energy out, and keep them active throughout the winter? We've got an answer for you: Soccer Shots The Children's Soccer...

5 Reasons Moms Love Ted’s Cafe

We've all been there. You're hungry, the kids are hungry, you have no groceries, and you really just want to go out and grab a bite everyone will enjoy. Ted's Cafe Escondido is the...

Must-Have Fall Experiences at Orr Family Farm

Visiting the Orr Family Farm during their award-winning fall season brings smiling faces and everlasting memories for the entire family. You will definitely want to head to the Farm this fall to experience all...

5 Out-Of-The-Box Gift Ideas for New Moms

There's no shortage of ideas out there for baby shower gifts: nursing pillow, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, butt cream, nipple get the idea. What about gifts for mama? Yes, she'll NEED your trusty padsicle...

Family Friendly 4th of July Festivals Across OKC

The Oklahoma City Metro knows how to celebrate our country's independence! No matter what you're looking for this 4th of July, you can find something for your family in OKC! Stay close to home...