Jaime Gibson

Jaime is a mid-forties mom to five kids ranging from 2-14 years in age and has been married to her husband for 20+ years. Her family has been in the OKC metro for two years. Jaime is an over-thinker, a day-dreamer, an introvert, and claims to be an enneagram 9 (but could be a 4,5,6, or 8). You’ll commonly see her with a cup of coffee or Diet Dr. Pepper in hand.

Make Space for the New Girl

An old acquaintance once posted on her social media something about horseshoes being better than circles. She was referencing another social media post, this one from Glennon Doyle, that reads, "If you are standing with other...

Remembering 9/11 as a Military Spouse (and Five Ways You Can Honor the Day)

My narrative of the events of September 11th won't shed light on anything newsworthy. It's one perspective by a military spouse; it is not reflective of all spouses. It's simply a way to remember...

Every Breastfeeding Journey is Different: And It’s All Okay

I planned to share how wonderful and convenient breastfeeding is. I imagined sharing what a sweet bond it is, how you don't have to tote bottles around or run out to the store to...

The Six Types of Friends You Need As A Mom

“I don’t come to you for warmth, I come to you for honesty, so, thank you,” my friend Kelly said to me over a video message. I laughed hearing that is who I am...

I Quit Watching Rom-Coms – Should You?

Many moons ago, I made the decision to quit watching Romantic Comedies. It wasn't something I announced; it wasn't something I demanded others must do. I quietly stopped watching them, and I stopped suggesting...

7 Ways to Rock a Road Trip with Kids

Life is slowly creeping back to normal with states lifting restrictions and many people gaining comfort with the idea of traveling to see long missed family members or a fun family vacation. Maybe you're...

Things to Say – And Not to Say – To A Large Family

I am a mom to five awesome kids. Yes, five. We get a lot of looks, and a lot of comments, when we are all out together. Some of the comments are great...many of...