Hannah Parker

Hannah Parker is a queer mom living in the center of Oklahoma City. She enjoys spending life with her partner and toddler. She loves making politics, philosophy, and sociology accessible to everyone possible. She aspires to one day cook by feel rather than by recipe (a.k.a. experiments on the family members). Oh, and Insomnia Cookies or Pie Junkies any day of the week.

The Greatest Christmas Gift for Your LGBTQIA+ Friends and Family

“You are a fool, Harry Potter.  And, you will lose everything.”*** This was the voice in my head. Every day. As I started to consider building boundaries between my parents and my family. I remember sitting in...

Let the Plastic Balls Fall

If you are like me, this year ... has been a lot. Too much? Unbearable? And, you’ve started to realize that all of you just isn’t here anymore. You don’t get to show up fully present anymore. You...

5 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs a Tattoo

If you are like me, you probably grew up being told: Tattoos are trashy, Tattoos signal to the world what kind of woman you are, People with tattoos are judged more harshly than people without, You will mature...

I Have to Play By Different Rules

There was an incident a few months ago. My son and I were outside. My house alarm went off and I didn’t turn it off in time. I was trying to leave the house, so...

The Mom Who Went To Pride

A few years ago, I was scrolling through my social media feed and I stumbled across an unexpected treat. A friend of mine had attended Pride. But not just her; her mother had attended with...