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My Friend is a Mom in Afghanistan: Here’s How Americans Can Help

“We are in a bad situation. Please help me sister.” “Samira,* are you okay? Are you in danger?” “After one hour the firing start.” The messages came rapidly, a repetitious clanging of alerts, a dissonant sound alongside...

Yes, We’re a Two-Mom Family

“Which one of you is the best friend?” Neither. “Are you the aunt?” Nope. “Did you pick them out from the orphanage?” No. “Which one of you is the REAL mom?” Both of us....
Snow Days

In Defense of an *Actual* Snow Day

Snow days are a rite of passage in childhood. Or, in Oklahoma, ice days. Either way you spin it, snow days are a huge part of growing up. We know that our kids are...
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Keeping Your Job When Your Kids Go Back to School

Employee Rights Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act During Covid-19 In Oklahoma, school has begun for some and the anxiety has set in.  As mothers, we try to convince ourselves that this school year...

Education and Childcare in the Age of COVID: Keep Your Kids Safe

The shift to fully online education and A/B in-person scheduling has left many of us scrambling to find childcare options that can both keep our children safe and support their education. Several new options...

Why We Loved Half-Day Pre-K

  When it was time for us to start thinking about Pre-K for our oldest son, we were overwhelmed with options and opinions. We had just had twins, and he needed some structure to his...
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Know Your Rights: Employment in a Pandemic

The “new normal” is here. COVID-19 is not going anywhere, yet we are back to work with “business as usual” - even if it's anything but. We are navigating uncharted territory and sifting through...

We Weren’t Done: A Teacher’s Letter To Her Students

Dear Students, I wish I could see all of you right now! It would make me so happy to give each of you a hug and hear all about what you have been up to. I...

What Teachers REALLY Want for Christmas

I have been on both sides of teacher gifts. As both the giver and the receiver of teacher gifts, I have made some observations on what is best! And I, like all of the teachers...

He Calls Me “Ommy”

Some mothers enter motherhood through the miracle of pregnancy. Others through the arduous, yet deeply fulfilling, journey of adoption. Still others through the glorious magic of marriage. I entered this hallowed place through transition. I...

In Our House, We Choose to Give Choices

The “threenager” years have hit us like a wrecking ball. The “terrible twos” were nothing. We had blissful days of learning to use a big boy cup. I could easily pick out the cutest...

Simple Ways to Make Books Part of Your Child’s “Play”

As a teacher, I often get questions from friends about what they can be doing to prepare their child for school. My usual answer is: nothing! Let them play! Children learn through play and rich...