Debbie was raised in New York, moved to California in high school, and settled in Edmond with her husband, 2 big dogs and 1 big cat 7 years ago. She is an advocate, nurturer, and a volunteer who loves her family to the moon and back! Her two daughters are grown now, but she looks forward to sharing her journey as a single mom. Debbie is currently a Certified Humane Education Specialist and Certified Character Educator. Debbie is also the founder of, which educates parents and kids about the social skills and character traits they need to protect themselves from bullying and become kind, empathic, and responsible adults. You're invited to follow along on their journey at and on Facebook and Instagram at BullyCrisis.

From Social Butterfly to Teacher’s Terror-Our ADHD Journey

Sitting across from my daughter’s third-grade teacher, listening to her talk about my daughter, my heart was bursting with pride. “She’s our social butterfly. She makes friends with everyone, is very helpful to everyone,...

Too Many Toys? Here’s the Answer

Every day, our kids are being bombarded with social media and TV ads about every kind of toy imaginable. Every day, your child is asking you to buy them another toy that will most...

5 Ways To Avoid Parenting Information Overload

One quick Google search for “parenting” results in hundreds, if not thousands, of hits. There are articles, books, blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages and online groups. We are bombarded with parenting advice that is often...

7 Ways to “Bullyproof” Your Child This School Year

Backpack ✔ School supplies ✔New clothes ✔ Lunch box ✔ Carpool schedule ✔ “Looks like we’re all set for school,” I told my soon-to- be-kindergartener. “Momma, I am so excited to go to school,” she...