Courtney Mount

Hi, I'm Courtney! Born and raised in Oklahoma, I have birthed 9 babies who have given me 6 grandbabies--so far. I am a slightly crunchy, homeschooling mama of 27 years. In 2020, I also became a grieving mama as my 3 year old lost her battle to Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. I currently write about our everyday life, child loss, grief, and Jesus at

Would They Even Miss Me?

Motherhood is an exhausting job, yet often one that comes with little recognition for the many tasks required in a single day. • Feed them breakfast • Find shoes, backpacks, and coats • Pack their lunches • Morning...
Bereaved Mother's Day

Remembering Mother’s Day When It Isn’t Happy

Today is Mother’s Day, but before you go check your calendar to confirm that I am wrong, let me tell you that this Mother’s Day is only for certain moms. International Bereaved Mother’s Day, May...
Maternity Jeans

I Still Wear Maternity Pants

New life is so precious. Those exhilarating moments just after your newborn has exited your body in an explosion of searing pain and now lays cuddled safe and warm on mama’s chest. The space...

Why Springtime Reminds Me of Motherhood

I never cease to be amazed that even in the coldest part of winter, often when the days seem the darkest, new life is still taking place outside in my flower bed. What appears...
How to help after diagnosis

Help! My Friend’s Child Was Just Diagnosed, Now What?

Buzz—Buzz—goes the alert on your phone. As you reach to open the text message, your stomach drops. “Did you hear about Lucy’s family? Their daughter was just diagnosed with…” “Oh no!” you reply in disbelief, “What...