Growing up in Devils Den State Park, Arkansas has certainly influenced my career choice. I'm an Extension Horticulture Educator for the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service via Oklahoma State University. I have 3 little children and a kind-hearted husband that stays at home with them while I work (more than) full time. We love quality time together, whether it be going to church, hanging out with cousins, checking our plants in the garden, or anything else. We love to travel and hope to bring our kids on our international adventures in the distant future.

Sick Season: My Least Favorite Part of Parenting

We all have things we don't like about parenting. For some, it may be doing all the crafts your kids like to do. For others, it might be packing school lunches. For me, my least...

[Recipe!] The Best Pecan Pie You’ll Ever Make

I’ll have you know that I just made the best pecan pie I’ve ever made. Pecan pie is my husband’s favorite kind of pie, so when we’re gifted with a bag of pecans, I...

Let Your Kids Share A Room – You’ll Be Glad You Did

Growing up in a 5-kid family, there wasn't enough room for us to have our own bedrooms, so I know first-hand what it's like to share a bedroom with siblings. In fact, I shared...

At Home Science Project: DIY Seed Balls

Need a fun craft to do with your kids? Try making seed balls!  Seed balls or seed bombs are a ball of clay, compost, water and seeds that when dried, can be thrown into the...

How to Reduce the Covid-19 Stress

This is my advice for this strange time we're living in and how to remain calm. Yes, Covid-19 is real and yes, it's dangerous. There's a lot that's unknown about it and we're learning...

I’m A Highly Sensitive Mom – And You Might Be Too

I'm an adult and I get sensory overload. I have 3 kids and I get sensory overload. I'm an introvert and I get sensory overload. I'm a working mom and I get sensory overload. Do...

Early Spring Gardening with Kids: What to Plant

Your kids have been cooped up inside all winter. So, they're a little bit crazy, you're a little bit crazy and you're wondering if there's anything they can do outside right now? Well, there sure...

8 Tips for Navigating a Tight Budget

We live on a mostly single income, that is when Davis isn't working part-time. Although my benefits are better than most jobs, my salary is comparable to a teacher's salary, to give you an...

Ideas to Get Your Little Ones Away from Screen Time

My husband is awesome. His love for books belittles screen time, and it makes it really easy for him to instill that in our kids while also encouraging me to do the same. Not...
This was during the midst of my post-partum struggles

The Path to Recovery From Postpartum Struggles

The first baby was a breeze, it seemed. I don't know whether it was because he was a laid back child, or because we were excited first-time parents, or because there were 2 of...
Davis was able to take Leif to the zoo one day when Leif had a day off of school

Why I Support My Stay-at-Home Husband

I never thought we'd be those parents. I imagined we would both be working full-time jobs and be sending our kids to daycare, but to be completely honest, I really didn't think about it...

5 Plants Guaranteed to Get Your Kiddos Excited About Gardening

I'm a horticulturist and we have lots of plants in our landscape. We're outside a lot. My 4-year-old son loves to help me in the vegetable garden, and both of my kids love to...