Christina Griffith

Born to a father who flew in the Air Force, I grew up a nomad. I've lived in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Germany twice, and this is my third time in Oklahoma City! I graduated from Texas Christian University in 2009 (go Frogs!) and commissioned into the military that same year. I met my charmingly funny husband while I was a bright-eyed Combat Communications Officer at Tinker AFB. I separated from the military in 2013 and now focus on raising our rambunctious and precocious two year old, Harrison. Our family spent the last 3 years living in Germany. While stationed abroad, we toured to over 20 countries, that's when I stepped outside my comfort zone and discovered my love of travel and adventure. You can follow my OKC adventures by following "OKCWoman" on Instagram or my blog, www.TheOKCWoman.com. Aside from sharing my love for all things local, I'm a coffee addict and foodie who enjoys binge watching "The Great British Baking Show" and creating vintage wood signs in the garage studio while listening to my non-fiction audiobooks. My biggest love of all is my son, he challenges me everyday, while teaching me patience and unconditional love. Having him showed me the beautiful chaos that is motherhood, and I am so excited to connect and share with you all!

I Am More Than A Mom!

Life Before Kids Pre-baby, I was that girl who was involved in anything and everything. I enjoyed working hard and learning something new every day. When my husband and I discussed starting a family, I assumed...

An Open Letter to the Keyboard Warrior Sanctimommies

To the faceless keyboard warriors out there. To the sanctimonious mothers who insist on putting passive aggressive and offensive comments on any post they disagree with.... all for the sake of sticking your fingers...

Am I Done After One?

It's inevitable. After your first child hits the toddler years, you will be inundated with, "Soooo, when are you having another?!" Lady in the Target checkout, as much as it charms me that you think...

My Two Year Old Had SIX Cavities!

You follow proper dental health procedures, you brush your child's teeth twice a day, skip the sugar infested treats, and keep up with their dental appointments. You think, "there's NO WAY they could have...

Why I Said “NO” To a Big Family Christmas

It's Christmas morning; you wake up filled with exciting anticipation to watch the kids open presents while enjoying a luscious cup of coffee. After the thought of that first warm sip enters your brain,...

Culture Shock: Raising a Child in Europe

2014 was a big year for my family. Shortly after we found out I was pregnant with our first baby, my husband received orders to Germany, I was ECSTATIC!  I mean, how many people...

Deployment During Childbirth: Grieving Lost Memories

It was a quiet, tearful drive to the Dallas airport. I felt my husband driving slower, just trying to prolong the inevitable. In a few short hours, he would be boarding a flight back...

Extended Breastfeeding: How Six Months Became Two Years

It was a busy, sunny day in the narrow streets of Luxembourg City. We were browsing around a small shop when our son woke up crying. Uh oh, somebody's hungry! These shops are tiny, crowded, and...