Cece Jones-Davis a worship leader, speaker, social advocate and writer, Cece’s work is deeply inspired by the social ministry of Jesus Christ. She is the founder of
 Sing For Change, Inc., a social justice initiative that works to mobilize faith-motivated musical artists and communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She is also the founder and facilitator of the Women & Girls Working Group, raising awareness regarding issues impacting female reproductive health globally. Cece was honored to serve the Obama Administration for nearly two terms, and now lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Mike, and little girl, Halo. Cece is from the small town of Halifax, Virginia and graduated from Howard University and Yale University School of Divinity, as well as the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Worship and the Arts. Her heart's greatest passion is the build bridges between faith, music, and community service.

A Hypno-Birthing Tale…Kinda.

I pushed open the double doors and leaned, face first, onto the cool wall in front of the nurses’ station. um hmm, Nurse Kathy, said, this is the mama I want to see. Not...

OKC Spotlight: The YWCA {Domestic Violence Awareness Month}

In honor of Domestic Violence Month, I'd like to highlight the extraordinary work of YWCA Oklahoma City, which has been serving the community since 1907. Many people are unaware of the epidemic statistics related to domestic violence...

From the White House to My House: Staying Home Ain’t For the Weak

This past November, my husband was offered a great career opportunity in OKC.  He, our five year old daughter and I took the plunge, moving here from the Washington, DC metro area.  My husband's...