Brittni Brown

Brittni Brown
Brittni is a Kansas girl at heart and newly married to her Kansas born but Sooner bred husband Josh. A sweet baby girl named Marci Ann and 3 dogs round out their loving family. They call Moore home having moved here from Houston. Within the past year and half she has moved to OK, married her love, graduated from college, spent 9 months on bed rest, and birthed her beautiful MA. She is a follower of Christ, blessed wife, and aspiring homeroom mom. She is fueled by Half-Caff Vanilla Caramel Coconut Milk Lattes and anything sweet. She is a GF baking pro, avid baby wearer, hedgehog lover, and Christmas obsessor. You can find her keeping it real and simple over at her blog Marci & Me!
yellow bananas

A Labor of Love: 3 Reasons To Enjoy Grocery Shopping

Chores are never fun. Most people would probably include grocery shopping under the 'chore' list, but it doesn't have to be! I have always enjoyed grocery shopping. I didn't realize that was weird until I started...
Mom and Baby

What a Baby Really Wants

I sit here 32 weeks pregnant, a wave of anxiety comes over me as I think about all that needs to be done before this little boy arrives. Maybe it’s because I know he...
gluten-free chocolate chip cookie

Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is bound to change your mind about gluten-free foods. You won't even miss the gluten, I promise! It all starts with the surprise ingredient that many would not think belongs...
painted dad canvas

5 Budget & Kid-Friendly DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Are you ever afraid of tackling a do-it-yourself project in fear you will end up on a 'Pinterest Fail' board? Well, no fear here because these five budget-friendly and kid-friendly Father's Day gifts are...
strawberry picking

2018 Guide: Pick Your Own Farms & Orchards

Who doesn't love a freshly ripened peach plucked right from the tree? Delicious and sweet with juice running down your arm as you drive home with your bushel of fruity heaven! Every year people look...

5 Ways to Have Fun With Toddlers in the Garden

Gardening is often thought of as an adult leisurely activity. But who says kids and toddlers alike can't enjoy the endless possibilities of such a relaxing past time? It is a great way to...
girl in doctors outfit

Medicine and Motherhood: Overcoming the “Nurse Curse”

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew too much? Maybe you're stuck in the middle of a debate between two friends and you know too much about the situation. In that...

5 Signs You Might Be An Old Fashioned Mom

Motherhood has taught me a lot in just a short year. Love. Patience. How to share my food. You get the picture.  Getting through the first year of parenthood is an accomplishment and a miracle...
mom and son learning

SAHM & College Grad: Why I Still Graduated

Ever asked yourself why a stay at home mom decided to even go to college? Maybe you wonder if they always knew they wanted to stay home or if they only decided once they...
two people kissing baby

I’m Confident in My Parenting Choices (and Why You Should Be Too!)

Nothing has come more natural to me than parenting. Hear me out when I say I am not writing this to brag or shame anyone. I am writing this to share how you too...
girl vegetable gardening

Building A {Kid-Friendly} Fall Vegetable Garden

One of my favorite things as a child was helping my dad in an array of tasks. Whether it was cleaning the garage, organizing the tools, or building something - I was there. But...

Pumpkin Lover’s Unite: A Guide to All Things Pumpkin Flavored in OKC

Pumpkin season is upon us folks and OKCMB has your guide to all things pumpkin in the Oklahoma City area. Whether you're craving custard, cupcakes, or coffee we've got you covered. Check out the...