Brittany Woodward

Brittany is a born-and-bred Okie living in the heart of Tornado Alley with her Mr. Darcy and their two curly-headed daughters, Laynie (5) and Crosbie (2). She left a corporate job as a content writer to stay at home with her littles and is a homeschooling mama by day, an aspiring picture book author by night, and a bibliophile with a legit Amazon wish list. A self-proclaimed hot mess, she is a sinner saved by grace and a lover of literature, worship music, fitness, early morning snuggles with her girls, NBA games with her husband, The Office, and coffee (give her allllll the coffee). You can find her at Letters to My Littles, where she blogs about parenting, faith, and parenting by faith. Oh, and her long-term aspirations include becoming a storm chaser and starring in an OK Go music video. Because, goals.

Why I Traded “Competitive” for “Healthy”

  I gained five pounds the week I turned 30. To be fair, the first two pounds crept on over the holiday season, as that pesky festive weight gain always does. (Although two measly pounds in...

I Got Scammed – But I Won’t Stop Giving.

  I sensed her before I saw her. The gas nozzle chugged noisily beside me as I squinted in the sunlight, trying to make out the figure approaching me. “This is so embarrassing,” she laughed, and...

Why Family Vacations Are the ACTUAL WORST

“I feel like you’re not really having fun,” my husband said as I flopped, exhausted, onto the couch. “I’m not,” I whispered, and tears instantly welled up in my eyes. “I’ve been looking forward to...

In Defense of the Television

I kind of hate the television. As a hopeless bibliophile and a passionate early literacy enthusiast, I will reach for a book over a remote whenever possible. I invest a hefty chunk of change in...

When Mother’s Day Broke My Heart

  I squinted against the dim lighting, scouring every inch of the sanctuary in an attempt to find her. The end of our Sunday morning service was drawing near, and as the chords of our...

Netflix – And 3 More Reasons I Won’t Be Getting Up Early

We’ve all heard the advice: If you truly want to get a handle on your day, you must wake up before your children. I can personally vouch for the truth in this statement. I love...

I’m Not a #MomBoss… But I’m Still #KillinIt

  #MomBoss It seems like this hashtag is all over my social media feed lately. (Usually accompanied by #FinancialFreedom, #JoinMe, #KillinIt, or my personal favorite, #WhatIfYouFly). I’m not here to bash direct sales, fitness coaches, makeup distributors,...

The Easiest Way To Raise Your Kids’ Test Scores (Seriously.)

Psst. Hey you. What would you say if I told you there was a proven way to increase your child's standardized test scores, at minimal effort and absolutely ZERO COST to you? You'd be clamoring to get...

Girl Moms: We Ain’t Soft

  Confession: I'm terrified of little boys. When my husband and I discovered that we were expecting our first baby five years ago, I instantly dreamed of tutus, twirls, and tea parties. He dreamed of football,...

Saying Goodbye to the Mother I’ll Never Be

  grat·i·tude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness I quickly buttered a piece of bread and stuffed it into my mouth, desperate for something, anything, to distract myself...

3 Reasons We Are Choosing a Hard Candy Christmas

Christmas is hard, you guys. I absolutely love the holiday season, but navigating the month of December as a stay-at-home mom whose budget is already stretched just a bit too thin... Let's just say I'm stress-eating...

Why Lorelai Gilmore MATTERS to Moms {An Open Letter}

Dear Lorelai, I feel a little silly writing this letter. Mainly because... well... you're a fictional character. But I believe I speak on behalf of millions of fans across the globe when I say that, despite the...