Aubrey Proctor

I’m Aubrey! A wife who makes her husband watch chick flicks, owner of the largest lap dog named Handy, and mother of an adorable roly-poly baby boy Emerson Creed. I live just out of reach from Target and Starbucks in the small town of Ada, OK. I’m a professional photographer and former Marketing Director. A New Mexican at heart, I put green chili in just about everything I cook. In my not so spare time, I love trying to be crafty, drinking generous amounts of coffee, stashing candy, dancing & singing around my house like I’m in a musical, and sporting yoga pants whenever and wherever I can. I truly love being a mother and have come to the realization that I will probably embarrass my son at some point (or points) in the future.

Overwhelmed as a Stay at Home Mom

Moms who stay-at-home (or those of you that work from home) and who rarely leave the house, I’m sure you are quite acquainted with yoga/sweat pants.  Before my first child was even a pea...

10 Spring Cleaning Tips to a Cleaner Home in One Day

I get so excited for springtime.  Opening doors and windows to let that fresh air in, going on walks and having picnics, and swapping out my sweat pants for razors…oh how ready I am! ...

What Your Life as a Mom Looks Like

I recently purchased two journals so that I could start documenting my life as a mom.  The first is My Quotable Kid, a journal to quickly jot down all those unforgettable moments, the funny...

Set aside the teething toys and get out that toothbrush!

As a new mother, every stage in my son’s development brings something new to the table.  I would love to be one of those moms that knows how to handle anything thrown my way,...