Anna Rhodes

Anna is an Oklahoma transplant originally from Washington state. While here for college she fell in love with OKC as well as her husband Mike. They have been married for 6 years and have 2 hilarious children- Bauer (4) and Davee (18 months). Anna enjoys hairstyling, working out, indoor soccer, Netflix marathons, and eating terrible things while her kids are asleep. Anna adores several parts of the metro but especially The Village, where she calls home, and the Mid-town area.

No, It Wasn’t Messy and 6 Other Home Birth Truths.

When you picture home birth do you get anxious, skeptical, or even weirded out?  Then this post is just for you.  OKC Moms Blog's resident home birthers (contributors Becky and Anna) want to clear...

I’ll miss a lot of things but I WON’T miss bedtime

When you become a parent you are automatically flooded with advice and one-liners, most of which you will hear a thousand times.  Upon realizing their truth, you will then continue on the tradition by...

The BEST Spots for Pregnant Women in OKC

This is my 3rd pregnancy here in the OKC metro (unfortunately one of my kids was born on the wrong side of the Red River...when do you even break that news to them??) and...


Before a few months ago if you had asked me, "Anna, what is something you never want to do ever again?"  I would have said "sweep up many small pieces of moist, partially chewed...

Part-Time Working Moms (We’re the Craziest)

You're a woman in the work force, with a stable job.  You enjoy what you do and are happy to contribute financially.  Before you know it, you're preggers and figuring out maternity leave, childcare...

How to Run Your Household Like Hogwarts

  True Harry Potter fans believe that the philosophies of the series can be applied to real life situations.  I found myself in a rut, struggling to maintain domestic order and manage the chaos of...

Saying Goodbye to My Baby – The Ugly Realities of Miscarriage

  I don't think either of us had ever wanted anything more than we wanted that heartbeat.  We stared at the ultrasound for what seemed like forever looking for something, anything that would show us...

Momma Don’t Feel Guilty For Her Gym Time

Prior to becoming a daily gym-goer I thought to myself, "Those fit moms... they must neglect their children for the sake of yoga.  They must love free weights more than playing with their kids....

Bachelor’s in Wife-ing/Mom-ing: The Degree Track I SHOULD Have Taken

Time to get real honest folks.  I am a 30 year old stay-at-home mom of 2 hoodlums.  I felt like I was an asset in the workforce while I was there, I worked hard...

Pet Peeves I Didn’t Know I Had Until Motherhood

I like to think that I'm a pretty easy-going person, or at least I was pre-motherhood.  Very few things seemed to get under my skin and make me fly off the handle.  But along...

Fun Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend {Father’s Day Series}

In celebration of Father's Day this year we thought we'd bring you some very special guest contributors - our husbands!  We hope you enjoy this unique view into #dadlife from the men in our...

Goodbye to My Son’s First/Favorite Teacher

To think that only 9 short months ago we didn't even know you... You have become so much to our family in less than a year.  You are a household name, a topic over dinner,...