Anna is a born and raised Arkansan, transplanted to OKC for her husband’s job. She has 3 fantastic kiddos who are currently three and under. Although she has never taught in the school system, her degree is Family and Consumer Sciences Education is put to use every day in her full time career as a stay at home mom. Anna is also a lifestyle and portrait photographer. She’s Yoga practicing, lover of sewing, cloth diapering, DIY-ing, baby wearing mom who loves to bake with processed sugar. You can keep up with her over at Barefoot Mamma.

SO Easy! How to Make a REAL Pumpkin Pie

People, it is November.  As in the eleventh month of year 2015.  I feel like just yesterday I was preparing for Christmas...of last year.  But just yesterday, I was shopping for this year's holiday...

Maple Cinnamon Vanilla Apple Cake

I don't know about your house, but fall is a favorite time of year in mine.  We all are chomping at the bit to wear our sweaters, open the windows, make backyard fires, watch...

A Love Letter to My Spanx

Did anyone else grow up watching old movies?  I am talking about Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Meet Me in St. Louis, Sense and Sensibility, and basically anything that came on Turner...

The Truth About Three Under Three

My first child was born in October of 2010, my second child was born December 2011, and then my third child was born in July 2013. That is a 13 month split and a...

How to Take GREAT Photos With Your Phone

Hello, my name is Anna and I am a photographer.  I have the big expensive camera that helps me capture beautiful moments of other people's family.  Did you hear that? Other people's family.  I try...

Mom Meets Grill: Turkey Burgers

Summer time is my favorite season for eating.  I love that smell of meat and vegetables sizzling on the grill.  Growing up, it was made very clear that the grill belonged to the men...

A New Kind of Emergency Room: ER Oklahoma

If you have driven past 150th and Western, your eye might have been drawn to a new Emergency Room in town.  About a month ago, OU Medical Center opened ER Oklahoma.  It is a...

Best. Overdraft. EVER. (How I Met Your Father)

My sweet, darling children, I remember it like it was yesterday... I was a mere 19 and in my college freshman prime.  It was a beautiful, sunny Friday in small town Arkansas.  I was vibrantly...

Please Don’t Leave Your Kids in the Car

We are gearing up for another fantastic summer in Oklahoma.  Swimming pools, BBQs, snow cones and water balloon fights are all on our family checklist.  And while I'm ready to dive into all of the...

Packing For Your Kids {FREE Printable}

The art of packing a suitcase may have been a list obsession in my family.  By obsession, I mean, my dad and brother were good at it and it drove them nuts that the...

Top 8 Reasons Why Grandparents Rock

As a child I remember very fondly going to each of my grandparents' house.  There was a unique style to both destinations.  One house had strawberry candies waiting in a dish and the other...

Kid Tested and Mom Approved…The Green Things

For the past 5 years we have been hearing more about how important it is to do the GREEN thing.  How important it is to, not only help our planet by reducing waste, but...