Angie Ricketts

Angie and her husband, John, live in Edmond with their three little blessings: Addyson (6/2008), Haley (11/2009) and Paige (9/2012). Angie received her Bachelors in Marketing and her Masters in Management both from Oklahoma Christian University. As each child came along, Angie has adjusted her career to accommodate the active life of her daughters. She now works as a Marketing and Development Coordinator for Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care. When not working, she enjoys chauffeuring her kiddos around and watching the latest chick flick with her husband – much to his dismay. When time permits she enjoys a good pinterest project and reading a good novel.

Mommies Need Friends Too

As much fun as it is to watch Disney movies and play dress up with my kids, sometimes I need time with my friends too! It’s easy to push friendships to the backburner when everyday life gets in...

Bye Bye Baby

“Your baby isn’t a baby anymore.  She is getting so big.”  These are words I hear often.  And while it is true, I feel a little twinge thinking this is my last baby.   My...

School’s Out!

The end of the school year brings many emotions.  I am just now encountering these feelings since my oldest is finishing kindergarten.   These feelings can be overwhelming and hard to contain. Calendar overload – When...

Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the seasons can be overwhelming when you are talking about kid’s clothing.  They need a whole new wardrobe every season:  socks, shoes, pajamas, shirts, pants/shorts, skirts, dresses, play clothes, nice clothes.  The...

To Keep or Not To Keep

How do you decide what priceless artwork to keep during your children’s school years?  This is one question I have been battling since my children started school.  I truly do cherish my children’s artwork...

Spring Break Fun in OKC

Spring Break has always been a week I look forward to. We don’t always have to go out of town for it to be enjoyable. Each year we try to experience something different during...

Birthday Traditions

Over the years I have absolutely enjoyed planning my children’s birthdays.   As soon as one is over, I start thinking about planning for the next one.  It’s not that I am rushing them to...

Mommy is Not the Maid

The feeling of finally getting the house clean is unexplainable.  It is quite an accomplishment to say the least…  Only to realize that the three little people living in my house have destroyed it...

MASH Up Conditioning {Sponsored Giveaway!}

Exercising has never been a priority for me as it should be, especially as a working mother of three kids.  As I now strive to shed the last unwanted baby weight, I knew something...

When the Walls Start Closing In

As the winter months drag on, the walls in our house start closing in.  When the pent up energy has nowhere to go except bouncing off walls, it’s time to get creative.  Over the...

The Holiday Blues

The presents are unwrapped, the tree is put away.  Elf on the Shelf is back in the attic and there are no more Christmas parties to look forward to.  If you’re like me, I...

Rite of Passage

As a mother of girls who are 16 months apart, I struggle with an ongoing issue… do they both get to do the same thing at the same time or should it be special...