I grew up in Tennessee, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri but came to Oklahoma Christian University (OC) for college. That's where I met my husband, and we decided to stay in OKC. Oklahoma City now feels like home. We have a 16 month old daughter who keeps me on my toes. I got my bachelors's degree from OC in Biochemistry and my masters as a Physician Assistant from the University of Oklahoma. I have worked in a rural ER and in a county jail as their medical provider but now mainly work for an Urgent Care in Oklahoma City. I love traveling, working out and anything DIY, especially transforming junk furniture into something great. I am also a contributor for the blog Splendry - a collection of all things splendid ( where a lot of my furniture DIY projects are shown.

When to Choose the Urgent Care vs. Emergency Department

Let's play a game! I want you to pick urgent care or emergency department (ED) for each of the following scenarios.  Sally has just fallen off the monkey bars at school and hurt her wrist....

The Nine Stages of Pregnancy that We All Can Relate To

Ladies, let me tell you right now there are not just three stages in pregnancy, a.k.a. three trimesters. I think there are at least nine, and no one really talks about these stages. But...

3 Things You Need to Know About Becoming a Foster Parent

Are you looking for a way that you could change a child's life forever? Or a way that you can protect and love a child that is scared and might have been through things...

I’m Sorry for What I Said When I was Pregnant

The last couple of months while I have been pregnant have been a struggle, mainly in being nice and not saying whatever comes into my head. Because of this I feel like I owe...

Get Your Kids Swimming With Oklahoma Swim Academy!

Summer for my family means fun, vacations and, many trips to the pool! We all want our kids to have a safe and happy experience around water, so if you haven't started thinking about...

9 Things Adoption Taught Me {And Advice for Other Parents}

Adoption has such a special place in my heart and is a huge part of my life. I cheer for families in the process of adoption and love when we have friends who decide...

What Women Should Learn From Carrie Fisher’s Death

Can I share a secret with you? Well it’s not really a secret, but I am a huge Star Wars fan. Like I’ve read the Star Wars books (yes they have those), collected the...

Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Stomach Bug

Disclaimer: This post is written by our contributor, who is a Physician’s Assistant. This is a generalized overview of stomach bugs, but if you feel your child may have stomach problems, we urge you to...

DIY: Turn a Card Table Into a Play House!

My sister came to me this summer with a great idea. She wanted a play house for her classroom at school where she teaches kindergarten. She also wanted to be able to change it...

Mamas, Let’s Lose the Labels

I was on Pinterest one night when I should have probably been cleaning or something and came across an article that was talking about being a "crunchy, scrunchy or silky mom". I had no idea...

Why You Need to Visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Disclaimer: We have partnered with The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, to share what makes them unique to our community. When was the last time you visited the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum?...

Surviving Strep and Flu Season: What Parents Need to Know

Disclaimer: This post is written by our contributor, who is a Physician's Assistant. This is a generalized overview of strep and flu, but if you feel your child may have strep or flu, we urge...