Allison Kennedy

Allison is the author of four novels, all of which are cherished by her young adult readership. She is also a professional photographer and specializes in custom portraiture of a wide variety. The new mommy of daughter Evelyn, she is passionate about encouraging other women in their infertility struggles and enjoys making new connections. You can find her books on Amazon, and if you are interested in hiring her as a photographer, you can visit www.allisonkennedyphotography.com.

What My Failed Birth Plan Taught Me About Motherhood

Long before I ever conceived my daughter, I knew I wanted an unmedicated, natural birth. I knew I wanted as little interventions as possible. So when my husband and I finally became pregnant after years...

Navigating the Holiday Season as a Germaphobe

Disclaimer: you might think I'm crazy after reading this.  I think most moms are cautious of germs to some extent. Even the most relaxed among us probably wouldn't let their baby crawl around on a...

I’m An Over-Sharer (And I’m Not Sorry)

Before I had my daughter, I barely paid any attention to the many photos of kids in my Facebook and Instagram news feeds. Sometimes those photos even got old, tedious to scroll past when...

Confessions of a Mombie

It always happens in the early morning hours: my nine-week-old daughter slips into a fitful slumber only to wake up just as I'm settling in for some much needed sleep. I slide sluggishly out...