Alicia Currin-Moore

Alicia Currin-Moore is a wife, mother, and a Director with The University of Oklahoma College of Law who lives in OKC with her husband, Cedric and their two kids, Mason and Myles. Alicia has spent 23 years in education and has worked in nearly every aspect of public education. She can't wait to kick off her stilettos and trade in her briefcase for tennis shoes and a duffle bag to chauffeur her boys to their many events. Alicia loves dates with her hubby, gardening, spending time with her family, and all things OU.

Missing My Daddy on Father’s Day- A Momma’s Journey of Healing

My dad died three months before my wedding. I remember our last conversation so vividly, as if somehow I knew it was the end. I was with my fiance (now husband) visiting his family at...

My Momo #momfail

Have you heard about the Momo Challenge? Basically, it is a picture of a girl who is in desperate need of some volumizer and under eye concealer, who creeps into video games and YouTube...
Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month in Oklahoma

Black History Month is here! It is an important time to recognize the numerous contributions of African-Americans in our history.  There are so many opportunities for families to engage in activities designed to honor...

30 Days for Me – A Weight Loss Journey

Even before Beyonce coined the phrase, I was bootylicious. I have always been on the curvy side, and at only 5 feet tall, an extra pound or two seems exaggerated on my body. I distinctly...

Tales of a Stage Mom – 10 Tips For Your Little Rising Star

Have you ever been told, “Your kiddo is such a ham” or “He is such a natural”? On your child’s report card does it say “She loves to express her ideas every chance she...

Why Wichita is The Place for Your Next Family Getaway

I don't know about you, but about three times a year I am ready for a weekend reality break. A quick weekend vacation always puts life in perspective. But when your bank account says...

The Best Ice Cream and Sno Cones in OKC

Summer in Oklahoma can be brutal. What better way to make 110 degree heat bearable than ICE CREAM!  I consider my family to be aficionados on frozen treats. From ice cream to snow cones...

Childbirth Almost Killed Me- My HELLP Story

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that begins around 20 weeks into a mother's pregnancy when the mother develops high blood pressure. Preeclampsia's mean, ugly sister is HELLP syndrome.  HELLP...

Gotcha! April Fools Day Fun for the Family

I LOVE a good prank.  When I was little, my sister and I would eat cherries and use the cherry juice as "blood" to scare our mom.  It worked every time! April Fool's Day is a...

Dear son, don’t be a jerk. A love letter to my almost middle schooler

Seems like yesterday that my biggest parental worry was having enough diapers packed for a road trip. Now, it's cyberbullying, PSATs, and career paths. My eldest is only weeks away from officially becoming a...

9 Kid Approved Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

February is such a wonderful month! Love is in the air, my youngest son’s birthday, and Black History Month. Black History Month is not just a time for African-Americans to celebrate the accomplishments of their...

Type A Momma vs. The Strong Willed (and Free Spirited) Child

For as long as I can remember, I have had a Type A, controlling personality. I am the lady in the grocery store check out lane that groups the canned goods and puts them...