Alana Livingston

Alana Livingston
Alana is a small-town Oklahoma girl who now resides in Edmond with her husband and 1 year old daughter. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Management and an MBA in Marketing. Alana quit her job as a Marketing Director to be a SAHM when her daughter was born. She is a former Foster Mom with a huge passion for foster care. Alana loves to spend her time playing with her daughter, binge watching Netflix and Hulu, practicing yoga (practice being the key word), and hanging out with her husband.

When You Have an Understimulated Child in an Overstimulating World

As I hurriedly buckled my (screaming) 8 month old in her car seat, shoved everything in the diaper bag, and sprinted out of the restaurant, I was reminded of why I avoid going to public places....

I’m the Mom that Keeps ALL the Things

 As Spring cleaning season approaches, articles about decluttering your life and even incorporating concepts like konmari seem to pop up in every feed you see. I've never been much of a "Spring cleaner;" instead I just try...

The SAHM Struggle

I won't lie, before I became a Stay at Home Mom, I thought it would be SO easy: I could play with my kids all day (never missing a major milestone), binge watch TV,...

An Open Letter to Our NICU Nurses

When my OBGYN told me I would be delivering my baby the following day (at 35 weeks, 5 days), my biggest fear was that my baby would end up in the NICU. Everyone tried...

OKCMB’s Favorite Apps for Kids!

I always swore I would never be one of those moms who let her kids play on her cell phone and, for the most part, I'm not. But sometimes, momma needs a few minutes...

I Have Momnesia

My baby is only 5 months old and I already have momnesia. No, I'm not talking about what pregnancy brain turns into after the baby is born (mom brain); I'm talking about where the less...

The Cankle Solution All Pregnant Mamas Need to Know

Just when I thought I was done with the unfortunate symptoms of pregnancy, it happened--I got cankles! As if morning sickness, sleeplessness, back pain, mood swings, and acne (and no, I'm not talking about just...

Why I’m a Babywise Mama

I'm not afraid to admit it. We are a Babywise household. I have already crossed paths with quite a few Babywise opponents, but they aren't raising my child--I am. Before I go any further, let...

2016 Guide to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma!

The much anticipated event of the fall is quickly approaching--the GREAT State Fair of Oklahoma opens on September 15th! Just like last year, the Oklahoma City Mom's Blog is your source for the ultimate...

5 Tips for Flying with a Newborn

My husband is from Arizona, so we knew from the start of my pregnancy that we would be taking a trip back to visit his family within the first few months of our daughter's...

The Emotional NICU Rollercoaster

Aside from some seriously swollen cankles and some minor mood swings, I had a relatively lackluster (read: glowless) pregnancy. That is, until 35 weeks when I developed severe preeclampsia and had to deliver my...

The 1st Father’s Day I’m Excited to Celebrate

I can count on one hand how many dance recitals, piano recitals, cheer practices, and other various activities that I remember my "father" (read: sperm donor) attending when I was growing up. I always knew I...